Destiny 2 Builds Guide – Best Builds, Best Abilities, Gear Recommendations, Titan, Warlock, Hunter

Character builds is an important aspect of Destiny 2 as each class has three subclasses with each of the subclasses having different abilities and this Destiny 2 Builds guide will help you with the builds for all of the classes and subclasses.

Destiny 2 Builds Guide to help you find the ideal and most efficient builds for all the different Classes in Destiny 2. In our Destiny 2 Builds Guide, we have talked about ideal ‘Paths’, most suitable weapons, best Abilities, and tips on approaching enemies. However, it is needless to say but none of these builds are set in stone. I would highly recommend trying to mix things up to see if you can find something more efficient.

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Destiny 2 Builds Guide

Each of the three main classes there are three subclasses and each has different abilities and this guide will help you with the best builds for every class in Destiny 2. In this Destiny 2 Builds Guide, we have discussed, what we think, are some of the best PvE builds in the game.

Destiny 2 Builds

Now before we get to the builds, let us take a look at the different Abilities at Guardians’ disposal. Each Class in the game is divided into three Subclasses, each of which contains its unique set of Abilities but each Subclass follows a similar format.

Super Ability
Each Subclass in Destiny 2 has a unique Super Ability.

Grenade Abilities
Each Subclass has access to three Grenade Abilities. Grenade Abilities for different Subclasses share similar traits. A Guardian can only have one active Grenade Ability at a time.

Movement Mode
Each Subclass has access to three Movement Modes that tend to enhance a Guardian’s jump. Movement Modes for different Subclasses, sometimes, share similar traits. You can only activate one Movement Mode at a time.

Class Ability
Each Class in Destiny 2 has two variations of a Class Ability. A Guardian can only have one Class Ability activate at a time.

Melee and Ability Enhancements
The remaining Abilities at a Subclass’ disposal are divided into two Ability Paths. Each of these Ability Paths features a Melee Ability and three Abilities. Like always, a Guardian can only have one path active at a time.

Destiny 2 Builds – Immortal Voidwalker Warlock

For this Voidwalker Warlock build, you need to go with Lower Path: Attunement of Hunger.

  • Devour: It should allow you to replenish HP with the melee kill and continue to do so with each kill.
  • Feed the Void: Replenish HP by consuming Grenade energy that provides Devour effect.
  • Insatiable: With active Devour effect, kills extend its duration and recharges Grenade Ability.

You need to consume Grenade to see a Devour timer followed by tanking everything. Not only will you replenish HP by killing enemies, Insatiable will allow you to keep your Devour uptime to 100% as long as you are managing to kill a couple of enemies within the 9 seconds window. When it comes to weapons, something like a D1 Bad Juju with no reload time should work well.

Alternatively, you can also use Riskrunner Exotic Weapon that should replenish your ammo by you taking damage. Moreover, you can also use Empowering Rift to eliminate enemies at a faster rate since you will not have to rely on Healing Rift for HP regeneration.

Destiny 2 Builds – Warlock

This is currently all we have in our Destiny 2 Builds Guide. Rest assured that we will continue to add more builds to the guide in near future.

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