Destiny 2 Black Armory Last Word Exotic Guide – The Draw Quest Steps, Obtain the Coolest Hand Cannons From D1

The iconic weapon from the original Destiny, the Exotic Hand Canon titled the Last Word, makes a return in Destiny 2 Black Armory with the latest Exotic Quest titled The Draw.

Earning the weapon demands you to complete multiple challenges, defeat various enemies and collect a bunch of items before you can call it a day. Here is exactly how you approach and complete the quest to get the weapon you desire.

Destiny 2 Black Armory Last Word

The NPC named “Drifter” can be found in the Tower. Speak with him to initiate the Exotic Quest called “The Draw”.

The Draw comprises of five stages or namely five sets of objectives that will range from finding collectibles to eliminating enemies. Let us take a detailed look at all these five steps to acquire The Last Word Exotic Hand Cannon.

1. The Cleansing

As you acquire The Draw, you will obtain the Hive Artifact that needs to be cleansed first. In order to do so, you will need to complete the following three objectives:

  • Defeat three Hive bosses.
  • Eliminate a Hive enemy solely by using Solar-energy based weapon.
  • Collect 75 Hive Tablets.

Although these objectives can be completed anywhere, the population density of such enemies and the chances for finding them is the greatest at the Core Terminus Lost Sector on Mars.

It is situated near Braytech Futurescape. Equip a Solar weapon and bring hell to the enemies. Scouring the area twice or thrice will allow you to complete all the aforementioned objectives.

2. The Temptation

Returning to the Drifter, you will be given your next task that involves going against real-players themselves. Your goal would be to defeat all the player-controlled Guardians in the Crucible.

While PVP may not be everyone’s cup of tea, you will need to battle against the players without dying so frequently as to lose the entire progress or score achieved.

If you are finding it hard to complete the objective on your own, team up with your friends. This way you will be more comfortable though it may take a longer time to rack up all the required points too.

3. The Damnation

One more step down, another one to look forward to. The Drifter now tasks you with intervening in a Hive Ritual. On Titan, you will need to head to the Rig and enter the Ogre Lost Sector at Cargo Bay 3.

First, defeat a couple of Hive Wizards so that you can disable the shield they were using to protect the Hive Acolyte. Once the shield is down, hit this boss enemy with everything you have.

The Wizards will then restore the shield to go through another iteration of the process and deal with the Hive Acolyte for good this time.

4. Sullied Light

Coming back to the Drifter, you are treated to yet another set of objectives. These are balanced between those tasks completed in the PVE aspect and those finished in the PVP one. The tasks to be fulfilled are as follows:

  • Collect 15 Etched Crystal which are loot drops from Hive Boss enemies
  • Collect 50 Hive Larvae which are loot drops from Hive enemies when you execute a headshot.
  • Complete 3 Heroic Hive Rituals.
  • Obtain 25 Medals in the Crucible.

For the Etched Crystals, you can head to the same Lost Sector as talked about above at Cargo Bay 3. There, you can defeat the Ogre boss multiple times by repeating the process and thus collecting the Etched Crystal off its corpse.

Again, for the Hive Larvae, you need to target the head region here at this sector where most of the enemies you will encounter will be Acolytes.

For the Heroic Hive Rituals, check back regularly to acquire these quests and head to Titan and Mars for them. Lastly, the PVP challenges in the Crucible can be completed with your fire-team and waiting for the opportune moment.

Eliminating an enemy player that took out your teammate will earn you the “Blood for Blood” medal while putting down the foe that previously put you down gets you the “Best Served Cold” medal.

Short rounds and arcade-type modes like Mayhem will ensure that you can get both of these medals when you dish out damage in all directions and frankly speaking, all the time.

5. The Conversation

The last objective, which is also a tough one, requires you to eliminate the Hive Boss enemy, a weapon master by the name Enkaar. He is located at The Tangled Shore where you will see a banner for Destiny 2 The Draw indicating his presence nearby.

First, attack the Hive and then eliminate the Ogre to obtain a Worm from the loot drop. Take this Worm to where Enkaar is holed up.

Now take out the three wizards and then take Enkaar head on. This requires you to stand on a pressure plate and draw The Last Word Hand Cannon as soon as the on-screen prompt appears, “Draw!”.

At this point, shoot the firearm out of Enkaar’s hand. Repeat this three times on multiple copies or clones of Enkaar and defeat them all in a similar manner of a duel to claim your reward: Destiny 2 Forsaken The Last Word.

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