Destiny 2 Is The Biggest PC Launch In Activision’s History

Destiny 2 is having a tough time keeping its player-base intact but, that doesn’t mean the game wasn’t a success as Activision has revealed that Destiny 2 was the biggest PC launch in the history of the company.

During the recent earnings call, the company revealed that Destiny 2 is “the largest PC launch in Activision history based on units” and the game’s first expansion “Curse of Osiris” had a higher attach rate compared to the original Destiny’s first expansion.

Furthermore, CEO Eric Hirshberg also talked about the problems currently being faced by the game which are causing the game’s player-base to shrink. According to Eric, the game was very successful at first but, Bungie’s efforts to make the game less of a grind has created some problems.

That actually allowed our core players to consume the content faster than we anticipated, and that led to an increase in players calling for more challenges and better rewards in the ongoing game. This is a live game, and responding to player feedback is a part of the process in this game and any live game, and we feel like we have the right plan in place to address the concerns.

In related news, Destiny 2’s second expansion has leaked online along with details on the content that it will bring. The expansion is allegedly titled “God of Mars”.

Rasputin – the last of the ancient Warminds, has been alerted to a dark threat from beyond the Solar System. He has betrayed humanity and plans to construct a powerful weapon capable of detonating the Traveler itself. Work alongside Ana Bray, who has emerged from the shadows after being missing for years, and destroy Rasputin before his machinations are realized.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter developed by Bungie for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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