Destiny 2 Beyond Light Simulation Survival Guide

In this Destiny 2 Beyond Light Simulation: Survival guide, we will tell you everything about this Simulation: Survival, including starting and completing this campaign quest. Let’s get started.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Simulation Survival

In the Old Secrets, New Challenges campaign introduced in D2 Beyond Light, you have to find out about what is siphoning power from within Bray Exoscience.

There is also a weekly challenge in this campaign.

Make your way to the Bray Exoscience in Europa by eliminating or avoiding the enemies on your way. Go to the control room and interact with the quest flag.

That will take you to the starting area of the Simulation: Survival quest in D2 Beyond Light.

In this quest, you have to deal with Biting Cold along with the Goblins and Hobgoblins.

Make your way up to the top to fight with the Boss, Simulated Hydra.

On your way towards the Boss, you have to deal with a lot of Goblins and Hobgoblins. Your build will also play a huge role in your survival.

How to deal with Biting Cold
Biting Cold has a total of 10 stacks. If all 10 stacks get full, Biting Cold will start affecting you.

To avoid Biting Cold, you have to get inside the circle around the fire. That will reverse the Biting Cold debuff.

While moving towards the Vex Structure, you have to make sure that you don’t take too long while moving from one fire to the other.

Quickly kill your enemies on your way and get inside the circle of the next fire.

The enemies you kill on your way also drops a red Pyramid. This red Pyramid lowers the Biting Cold stack by 2.

How to fight Simulated Hydra Boss
Once you have reached the Vex Structure, you will find the Simulated Hydra Boss around the fire.

In this fight, you have to deal with the Boss along with the ads that spawn and Biting Cold as well.

During this fight, you cannot respawn and have to defeat the Simulated Hydra Boss in one life that makes this fight a little bit difficult.

The ads will help you deal with the Biting Cold and to refill your health.

Each enemy you kill will drop red Pyramids that will reverse the Biting Cold Debuff and help you recover your health.

The best way to fight with the Simulated Hydra Boss is to attack him as long as you have enough health to restore it afterward.

Once your health bar turns red, start killing the ads to restore your health and to deal with the Biting Cold.

Keep repeating this progress and you will defeat the Simulated Hydra Boss eventually.

Once you have defeated the Simulated Hydra Boss, a chest will appear and after that, you will be sent back to the Europa.

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