Destiny 2 Beyond Light Rising Resistance Walkthrough

Rising Resistance is the third mission you’ll receive in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. In this mission, you are assigned two main objectives; Activate Secret Comms Network and to Investigate the Crux of Darkness. This guide walks you through both of these objectives.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Rising Resistance

The objectives you’re given in Rising Resistance are really easy to complete as they don’t involve fighting with enemies. Therefore, your main aim is to focus on the given tasks.

Activate Secret Comms Network

The first objective is to Activate Secret Comms Network, for which you must activate 3 Comms relays. All of these relays are found around Variks’ base of operations.

The first relay is located alongside the building, the second relay is found at the roof of the building and the last one is near some boxes.

Once you’ve successfully activated the three relays, you’re assigned your second objective; Investigate the Crux of Darkness.

Investigate the Crux of Darkness

Finding the Crux of Darkness is not a tough job as it comes into sight near the third relay.

Once it appears, simply Commune with the Crux to Investigate and you’ll come across darkness. After this, you’ll trigger another step, which is the Darkness Beckons.

This is an easy task; all it requires is you to head over to Europa with the help of your Sparrow.

Once you’re at the location, you’ll trigger a cutscene. Wait for the cutscene to finish and once it’s over, you’re taken to an NPC camp.

At the camp, interact with the Exo Stranger to gain information about them to end the Rising Resistance mission.

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