Destiny 2 Beyond Light Exotic Armors Guide

Our Destiny 2 Beyond Light Exotic Armors takes a dig into all the Exotic Armors currently available in D2 Beyond Lights and some tips and tricks that will lead you directly to them.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Exotic Armors

The all-new Destiny 2 Beyond Light has brought with it six new Exotic Armors, and the only way you can hope to get your hands on them is by surviving through the difficult Lost Sectors on a solo trip.

Each day, you either get to play a Master Lost Sector or a Legend Lost Sector of a random difficulty level.

However, if you’re looking to play a difficult version of the Lost Sectors for quickly acquiring those much-coveted Exotic armors, interact with the special flag on the map.

There is also a list of modifiers on the map, which you can use to make the Lost Sectors more difficult.

Legend Lost Sectors are 1250 power at Beyond Light’s launch and Master Lost Sectors are 1280.

It’s better that before you go on to attempt any of these, your power is within at least 30 of these thresholds.

The unfortunate thing to note here is that, once you embark on your solo journey in the Lost Sectors, there’s no guarantee that you’ll walk out of it with an Exotic Armor, especially in the case of Legend Lost Sector.

However, the drop rate for the Exotic Armors is quite decent, and that’s what you’ll need to hold on to while hunting for them.

Below, we’ve laid out some tips and tricks that’ll help you out during this hunt. But before we do that, let’s take a look at what you’re in for!

All Beyond Light Exotic Armors

Armor Piece Class Type Perks
Mask of Bakris Hunter Helmet Light Shift: Stasis subclass Dodge Ability is replaced by longer range, faster moving Shift that partially cloaks you during use. Increased damage on Arc Weapons for a short time during shifting.
Dawn Chorus Warlock Helmet Rites of Ember: Targets get burnt on making a contact with your Daybreak Projectiles. Burn effects last much longer. Small gain in melee energy each time a target is burnt.
Precious Scars Titan Helmet Kintsugi: When you’re being revived or you revive someone, your aura protects you and your nearby allies.
Athrys’s Embrace Hunter Arms Skittering Stinger: Weighted Knife gains a second bounce. Increased precision with your weapons boosts the damage of the Weighted Knife along with Staggering unshielded combatants for a short time.
Necrotic Grip Warlock Arms Grasp of the Devourer: If you use melee attack on combatants, they’ll be corrupted with increased damage over time. Defeating the aforementioned combatants restores your melee energy and corrupts the nearby targets as well.
Icefall Mantle Titan Arms Glacial Guard: Replaces your Barricade ability with a personal armor reinforcement that absorbs a small amount of damage. While reinforced, you are slowed, and Barricade does not recharge.


How to finish the Lost Sectors and obtain the Exotic Armors

Use a variety of elements!
The first and foremost tip that you should definitely consider is to equip your guns with multiple elements.

You won’t be able to get past your enemies’ shields unless you match their elements. Having more than one element attached to your guns reduces this possibility.

Use stasis to your benefit!
The brand-new stasis subclasses are pretty handy when it comes to freezing enemies or beating them.

So, be sure to make full use of them!

Fire away your foes with Thermal Overload and Surge Eater!
Thermal Overload and Surge Eater are amongst the strongest of the Class Item mods and ones that complement each other perfectly.

The former makes your Stasis and Solar grenades to disrupt Overload Champions while the latter refreshes your grenade as soon as that happens, giving the Overload Champions minimum time to heal.

Anarchy is your way out of trouble!
Anarchy can prove to be a real life-saver in these Lost Sectors.

With Anarchy, if you’ll ever find yourself surrounded by enemies, you’ll be able to plant mines for big bosses and Champions and focus on killing the other enemies coming for you.

If you don’t possess Anarchy, what’re you doing? Get it from the Monument to Lost Lights kiosk in the Tower right away!

Stay calm, follow the game’s pace!
Whenever you go on a solo trip on these Lost Sectors, you’ll have limited lives, which tend to increase as you play on.

However, as soon as you are past 15 minutes in the Lost Sector, all your extra lives will be taken from you, meaning that you’ll lose the next time you die.

Knowing that may discourage you a bit but trust me, if you’re careful and smart throughout your playthrough, you won’t need an extra life at all.

Just don’t rush. Play with a calm mind, and you’re good to go.

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