How to get Dawn Chorus in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

In this guide, we will explain how to get the Dawn Chorus Helmet in Destiny 2 Beyond Light. Dawn Chorus Helmet is one of the latest Exotic gear items in Destiny 2 Beyond Light expansion.

The Beyond Light expansion has two Exotic armor pieces for each class which makes a total of six Exotic gear pieces.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Dawn Chorus

In order to get the Dawn Chorus Exotic Helmet in D2 Beyond Light expansion, you need to complete a solo Lost Sector on Legend or Master difficulty in Europa or the European Dead Zone.

It will be called Perdition. The Legendary Lost sector requires 1250 power level and the Master Lost sector requires a power level of 1280.

The Master and Legendary Lost sectors are first unlocked when you reach 1200 power level and can be started from the Director.

Another difficulty in getting the Dawn Chorus helmet is that it only drops in specific missions on specific days.

Before you start a Master or Legendary Lost Sector, make sure that it has listed the Exotic Helmet Armor as a possible mission completion reward.

The enemies in the Legend and Master Lost Sectors will be extremely tough to beat so you will have to bring your A-Game to complete the extremely difficult runs.

Again, the game emphasizes on completing the Legend or Master Lost sector completely Solo in order to get the Exotic Helmet drop.

If you fail to meet that requirement, then you will not get the Dawn Chorus drop from the Lost Sector.

The Dawn Chorus Exotic Helmet has a good chance of dropping, being an uncommon drop in the Legend difficulty and a common drop in Master difficulty.

Helmet Perks

The Dawn Chorus Exotic helmet has the following perk.

Rites of Ember

  • Causes the daybreak projectile targets to burn when you contact them, resulting in extra damage.
  • Every time you use burn effect with this helmet, it will last much longer.
  • Gain small amount of melee energy when you do burn damage to an enemy.

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