Destiny 2 Beyond Light Best Weapons Guide

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light expansion has brought with it amazing content and updates to keep players ever engrossed. Amongst the new content is a slew of some of the very best weapons in the game. In this guide, we’ll talk about all the Destiny 2 Beyond Light Best Weapons.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Best Weapons

Destiny 2 Beyond Light has brought some of the very best legendary and exotic guns. Let’s talk about these weapons and where you can get them from!

No Time to Explain
This weapon will make sure that you never run out of ammo only if you ensure that your land some precision hits on the enemies.

With every precision hit, a round will be added to your mag automatically. The same feature is also seen if you hit enemies under Stasis.

Not only this! If you manage to do multiple precision hits, a portal will open and shoot bullets at enemies from an alternate dimension!

This exotic weapon is exclusive for the players who buy the Beyond Light pack with a Season bundle.

This is no ordinary sniper rifle! There is something special about it.

With every precision hit using this sniper rifle, you should expect lightning bolts to spawn on your target and if you manage to land precision hits repeatedly, eventually, a lighting storm will appear, damaging not only your target but also enemies nearby.

This sniper rifle will randomly drop during Empire hunt missions where you are required to hunt down Eramis officers.

The chances of the drop increase if the missions are played at greater difficulties.

The Lament
This sword is special as it allows you to use its true potential against the shielded enemies like Barrier Champions.

When you block the attack using this sword, the blade part starts to rev up and when it’s rotating fast enough, the sword can cut even the shielded enemies in half.

When the blade is fully revved, you will also heal automatically, which is essential to stay alive while fighting close-range enemies.

Getting the Lament will require you to do the following:

  • Find three dead Exos in Europa
  • Find the giant Exo in Exo facility
  • Kill 100 Vex with a sword and 20 special Vex
  • Finish the missions you are sent to after accomplishing the above
  • Do the Exo Challenge
  • Kill 60 more Vex and find pieces of The Lament Blade in the Glassway Strike.
  • Take the pieces to Banshee-44 tower and find the abandoned bunker in Eventide Ruins, Europa.
  • Do Reforging the Past mission and talk to Banshee -44 to get The Weapon

Salvation Grip
This Exotic Grenade Launcher is purely Stasis based. With every grenade you launch, stasis crystals are created around the target and nearby enemies, which results in freezing them.

If you charge the grenades up before launching them, you can also increase the number of crystals created and the blast radius.

To get this weapon, you need to complete the special quest for Drifter, which appears after successfully completing the Beyond Light Campaign.

Once you complete the special quest, talk to drifter to get the weapon.

Duality is no doubt super exotic because it works like both a shotgun and a ranged weapon!

When you hip fire, it shoots pellets like shotgun shells, but it shoots slugs when you use ADS! How exciting right?

Also, if you use the Black Wings perk with it, the reload time decreases and precision bonus increases.

You will have the weapon as soon as you purchase the Season pass for the season launched with Beyond light.

Don’t worry because you will get this weapon upon reaching rank 35 in free to play mode too!

Eyes of Tomorrow
You surely would want to know about this beast. This exotic rocket launcher can track the target and kill multiple enemies with one launch!

If you manage to pack 4 kills with one rocket then the damage for next volley will increase.

This weapon is related to the Deep Stone Crypt raid being released on 21st November.

You will have to complete the raid objective or expect the gun to drop when you kill the raid boss, this still has to be known when the raid event comes.

Hawkmoon is a very handy hand launcher, as would the players who have already played the original Destiny, know.

This exotic weapon will apply a damage buff to the random bullets that you shoot from it. This weapon is most like to work on the same mechanic like the one in original Destiny.

This weapon will most likely be available through one of the exotic quests in Season of the Hunt. Which one? That’s not yet known.