Destiny 2 Beyond Light Ascendant Hunter Walkthrough

In this Destiny 2 Beyond Light Ascendant Hunter walkthrough, we will guide you through the whole Ascendant Hunter quest as well as the things you need to start this quest. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Ascendant Hunter

There was a new update for Destiny 2 Beyond Light released on 5th of January. In this update, a quest has been added in the game named Ascendant Hunter, in which you have to track down the High Celebrant that can be found in the Dreaming City.

Talk with Crow
Head towards the Spider’s safe house at the Tangled Shore to talk with Crow and trigger the mission.

Upgrade the Lure
The first thing that you have to do is obtain the Seeker II upgrade from Crow by talking to him and activate it on the lure.

You must be of reputation 7 If you want this upgrade. If your reputation is below 7, you can raise your reputation in exchange for Recon Data.

Speak with Spider
Once you are done upgrading the lure, speak with Spider and obtain the coordinates of High Celebrant.

After you are done talking to Spider, the Coup De Grace quest will be added to your map, and you will also get the coordinates of the High Celebrant in the Dreaming City.

Before you start tracking, set your lure to high using the charge.

Coup De Grace Quest
Once you have set your lure, head to the Dreaming City to complete the Coup De Grace quest.

The first thing you have to do in Coup De Grace quest is to enter the Harbinger’s seclude and locate the Cryptolith. Once you have found the Cryptolith, deploy the lure there.

Once you have deployed the lure, the boss will show up. Dodge the attacks of the boss as much as you can and then attack the High Celebrant. He will disappear in a few minutes.

You have to destroy the residual energy found in the form of a black orb. Shoot at it to enter the Ascendant Plane.

Once inside, follow the trail to find the tear in the Ascendant Plane and get out of the Ascendant Plane.

Once you are out, follow the Green trail to track the High Celebrant. You will find a few enemies there. Eliminate them and inflict some damage to the High Celebrant before he disappears.

There will be another black orb which you have to shoot to enter the Ascendant Plane. Follow the trail in the Ascendant Plane to find the tear and get out of the Plane.

Once you are out, the boss will spawn in and will disappear instantly, dropping the Wrathborn Ogre. Deploy the lure and take down the Wrathborn Ogre.

Follow the green-colored trail to reveal the elevated platforms leading towards the portal to the Ascendant Plane. Once inside, explore the Ascendant Plane. You will face a few enemies there, which you have to eliminate.

Find the boss by exploring the Ascendant Plane. Once you have found the boss, start attacking the boss. You will face a few other enemies as well.

Once you have inflicted a sufficient amount of damage to the High Celebrant, a barrier servitor will spawn in.

Once you have eliminated the Barrier Servitor, the end of the High Celebrant will be very close. Attack the High Celebrant and execute him.

That will conclude the Coup De Grace quest. Head back to the Spider’s Safehouse and speak with the Spider to complete the Ascendant Hunter quest

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