Destiny 2 Beta’s Heavy Ammo Shortage Will Be Fixed When Game Launches

Any Destiny player knows that Heavy ammunition is one of the most important things you can have on a strike or raid, but it seems that the Destiny 2 beta’s heavy ammo shortage is keeping players from having it. Players are lacking ammunition for their heavy weapons, but Bungie says they’ll fix it in the final game.

Heavy weapons in Destiny serve as Guardian’s main heavy hitters alongside things like Supers and grenades. With Guardians wielding things like light machine guns, rocket launchers, and even swords into battle against the various hostile alien races, you feel invincible, especially if it’s a rocket launcher like the much sought-after Gjallarhorn.

However, players going through the story mission and the strike that are available in the beta have had difficulty getting heavy ammunition, meaning that unless they conserve their ammo for tougher enemies they’re going to have to whittle their way through a boss’s health with their primary or secondary weapons.

Thankfully, Bungie has promised that they’ll be fixing the Destiny 2 beta’s heavy ammo shortage when the final version of the game is released in early September, though since the beta ends on Sunday players won’t be able to see it right now.

The beta’s heavy ammunition problem isn’t the only criticism players have had to beta gameplay, either; players have also complained about the slow rate that you gather Super energy at, and others besides. While the beta has only been in operation since yesterday, Bungie will hopefully be able to fix some of these issues, and hopefully one of them will be the Destiny 2 beta’s heavy ammo shortage.

Currently the beta is only playable for people that pre-ordered Destiny 2. However, players on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 that didn’t pre-order the game will be able to play the beta themselves when the weekend rolls around in two days.