Destiny 2 Beta Was Just a Taste, The Game Can Bring Back Players Each Week: Bungie

Destiny 2 beta will end today as developers gather the final bits of data they need to improve the experience before release. The beta gave players access to a story mission, PvP, and Strike. It offered plenty of content but the final game will have much much more.

According to Luke Smith, Destiny 2 beta was only the taste of a very small piece of the pie. He explained that the final game is massive in scale and offered much more. Destiny 2 has the ability to bring back players every week, says Smith.

The beta does not show any of the game’s worlds and focuses on one map where competitive PvP is tested. Bungie intentionally made the beta to focus on the technical diligence of a small piece of content.

We’re always excited to see reactions to anything we create. Our fans respond with excitement and areas we can improve and we’re happy to hear it. The beta is an extremely small slice, intentionally so. We’re actually keeping a whole bunch of the game secret. We’re not really showing any of our awesome worlds. We’re focusing on one map where our competitive PVP play is. We very intentionally made the beta focus on the technical diligence of a very small slice of content so our players can be surprised and delighted in September [when the full game is released].

Destiny 2 beta will end today but it starts back up again next month on PC. The game is releasing in September on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC release is set for October of 2017.

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Via: Hollywood Reporter

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