Destiny 2 Beta Errors Put Damper On Fun For Pre-Order Gamers

Some Destiny 2 beta errors have already been seen even though it just launched today, putting a damper on the fun of those players that pre-ordered the game and got early access to the beta. The beta will be available for everyone on July 21, but gamers that pre-ordered it get it early.

Today marks the first day that Playstation 4 players that got early access will be able to play it, while Xbox One gamers get the beta tomorrow. For other players that can’t wait to play Destiny 2, they’ll have to wait until Friday, but that means that they’ll have the entire weekend to play the beta.

However, Destiny 2 beta errors have put something of a damper on the fun of those early-access gamers, with many gamers inundating the Bungie forums with complaints about various errors. These include things such as configuration file errors, Termite errors, and more.

The Configuration file errors at least have a reasonable explanation: there are simply too many people playing the beta at one time. Considering how many Destiny fans have pre-ordered the game, it’s not really surprising that there would be so many logging in that they’re backing the servers up. In those instances it’s best that you just wait for a time when there will be fewer players.

The Termite error is a lot simpler, since you just have to keep trying in order to get around that.

Hopefully, with a whole week of beta gameplay ahead of them, Bungie will be able to head off any further problems, especially since the game will be releasing in September. The beta allows players to go through the first story mission, “Homecoming”, along with the first Strike (The Inverted Spire), and the Countdown gametype from the Crucible.

If you can get past the Destiny 2 beta errors, then go have fun when it becomes available for you to play. The main game releases on Xbox One and Playstation 4 on September 6, and PC on October 24.