Destiny 2 Beta Date Will Be Revealed at E3 2017

Bungie is gearing up its efforts for Destiny 2 and E3 is just around the corner. Bungie has announced that before the game’s release gamers will be able to try out Beta for the game and now the studio has announced that Destiny 2 Beta date will be revealed at E3 2017.

In a recent press release, Activision has announced that Destiny 2 Beta date will be revealed at E3 2017. Given that the game is scheduled to launch in September it seems that we might get to play Destiny 2 beta in summer which will give Bungie enough time to make changes according to the feedback.

Also, professional WWE wrestler, Paul ‘Big Show’ Wight will be hosting a panel on Destiny 2 at E3 2017 along with CEO Pete Parsons on June 13. No details have been revealed about what he will be presenting but, we are sure it will be something BIG.

Furthermore, the voice behind Destiny 2 villain, Ghaul, has been revealed. Neil Kaplan is the one who will be voicing the Ghaul in the upcoming Destiny sequel. Neil Kaplan announced his involvement with Destiny 2 through his Twitter account.

Neil is known for voicing characters in games like Conan Exiles, Bioshock: Infinite, and World of Warcraft: Legion. Neil Kaplan has a 30-year experience in voicing characters in games and many animated series.

Also, Bungie has announced that Destiny will no longer receive Sandbox updates as Destiny 2 is now their sole focus.

Destiny 2 is a first-person action shooter in development at Bungie and is scheduled to launch on September 8, 2017, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the PC version of the game will launch at a later date.

Source: Bleedingcool

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