Destiny 2 Will Be Using BattlEye Anti-Cheat For Season 15

Destiny 2 will reportedly be switching to a new anti-cheat system from its current one in the coming weeks and hopefully in time for the new season.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, The Verge editor Tom Warren confirmed that Destiny 2 will soon be using the BattlEye anti-cheat system. He also confirmed that developer Bungie has been internally testing the new anti-cheat for several months now and hence, will be making an official announcement soon.

Destiny 2 has been dealing with hordes of cheaters ever since it landed on Steam last year. The levels of cheating have varied over the seasons but the problem remains to date. While Bungie continued to assure the competence of its existing anti-cheat, the developer also began seeking data scientists recently to help develop new anti-cheat measures. There was even a point when Bungie had to confirm that its game was even using an anti-cheat in the first place.

Destiny 2 will be concluding its Season 14 next week on August 24. Bungie has not given a date for Season 15 at the time of writing but may possibly go live on the same date since there will be a new Destiny showcase on August 24.

Hence, there stands a good chance that Season 15 will make its debut with the protection of BattlEye which has already been employed by a number of games such as Rainbow Six Siege, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Conan Exiles, and ARK: Survival Evolved, among many others.

Elsewhere, Bungie has reportedly begun working on a new Destiny game. The developer is currently seeking an executive producer β€œto help build a team supporting international partners working with the Destiny IP.” The writing on the wall may be spelling out a mobile spin-off but time will only tell if it is related to Destiny 3 or not.

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