Destiny 2 Bans On PC Seemingly Happening at Random Has Fans In An Uproar

A recent “glitch” in the Destiny 2 bans process on PC has some fans in an uproar as they log into the game and are almost immediately banned. However, it seems other more reasonable Destiny fans actually have a reason behind the seemingly random and arbitrary bans that other players have been getting.

Considering that Destiny has always been a console game up until now with the PC release date, there’s always going to be some problems, not just with coding difficulties but also with PC gamers trying to pull the same stuff in it that they do in other PC games, which includes doing things like injecting coding into the game, implementing various programs, and more.

This has resulted in automatic bans if you run a program that injects something into the game, even if it’s something like streaming overlays or even Discord. Having these sorts of programs running, even if you’re not planning on running any programs that will help you cheat, will apparently get you banned.

Bungie has actually posted a compatibility post that talks about what would and wouldn’t be compatible with Destiny 2, including overlays, various recording programs, and more, along with various ways to get around them legally. But in the meantime, if you have anything on your PC that would be putting any code into the game that shouldn’t be there, you may have to appeal to Bungie to get it fixed, or wait for them to unban you and fix their policy.

Cheating in PC games through various hacking programs and more is unfortunately common enough that games like Overwatch and Destiny 2 have to be very strict with their banning in order to make the game fair to everyone, both in PVE and PVP. The original Destiny already had problems like these with Trials of Osiris, so hopefully they’ll fine-tune it and get rid of the Destiny 2 bans that are fairly innocuous.