Destiny 2 Bad Neighbors Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Bad Neighbors Adventure Guide to help you learn everything you need to know to complete the Bad Neighbors Adventure that you encounter in the Titan region. Adventures in Destiny 2 are small self-containing missions that you can complete in order to earn some pretty good rewards.

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Destiny 2 Bad Neighbors Adventure

Starting Location: The Rig, Titan
Prerequisite: Speak to Sloane after completing Campaign Mission: Riptide

As the adventure starts, players are tasked with collecting six components needed to assemble a Hive disruptor. Players will find these items on most of the Fallen units so just find them, start a fight, and collect the required components from your dead foes.

Once the components for gathered, follow the waypoint out of the Rig and into the Tidal Anchor. Your objective is to find and eliminate a group of exceptionally powerful Taken Wizards that will require you to take a long journey through Hive Territory.

On their way, players will encounter everything from Thrall swarms to Shrieker turrets. Also, do not hesitate to fall back for a while if you get overwhelmed. Use your preferred tactics to neutralize the threat as you make your way the waypoint.

Once you drop down to Tidal Anchor’s exterior area, the path will become narrow and you will have to adjust your tactics accordingly. You will also have to perform some risky jumps along the way, as you cross the second footbridge, follow the waypoint and leap to the designated rig.

Head inside through the opening and climb to the upper deck and use the available platform to reach the top of Tower 2. Once you have arrived at the top of the tower, plant a Hive disrupter on the indicated device. Check your loadout, back away, and shoot the disruptor to trigger the final encounter.

The final encounter of this adventure consists of multiple waves of enemies. The first wave will consist of three named Taken Wizards and two of them will be immune to damage. Kill the vulnerable one as quickly as possible; when the vulnerable Wizard is done one of the remaining, Wizards will lose its immunity. With these three done the first phase will end.

Soon after they are done, the second phase of the battle starts a wave of Thralls and Acolytes will appear on the Tower platform. Defeat all of them and two more Taken Wizards will appear. These Wizards also need to be taken care of in the same order as before. Find the vulnerable one, kill it, and then kill the second one.

Once both are dead, another wave of Hive units will be triggered. Enemies will come at you more frequently and in greater number. It will be a tough fight so use the environment to your advantage. Once these are done, the final phase of the battle begins.

In the final wave, players will have to kill Zethes. This powerful wizard can absorb quite a lot of bullets, so do not hold anything back. Use Solar Damage to inflict serious damage. Keep fighting until it is dead, and the adventure will conclude. Your reward will be an Ability Unlock.

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