Destiny 2 At Your Fingertips Exotic Quest Guide

At Your Fingertips is the newest quest available in Destiny 2. This quest follows the last week’s quest Presage, in which you obtained the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Rifle. In this Destiny 2 At Your Fingertips guide, we have the complete At Your Fingertips mission walkthrough for you.

Destiny 2 At Your Fingertips Exotic Quest

In order to start this exotic quest, you will first need to complete the last week’s exotic quest Presage.

After you complete that quest and get the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Rifle as a reward, you will be able to start At Your Fingertips quest.

To start this quest, visit Zavala and talk to him to start the quest. This mission will be of Master Difficulty and requires a power level of 1320.

You will have to return to Glykon for this quest. This quest is essentially the Presage quest again, but on a much higher difficulty.

The mission will be the same as the Presage mission but with much tougher enemies and modifiers to make your life more difficult.

The mission also has a time limit of 25 minutes, meaning that you will have to complete the mission within the time limit.

The mission will also lock your loadout once you enter the arena, so choose your preferred weapons before entering the battlefield.

Once you complete the mission, you will be rewarded with the Catalyst for the Dead Man’s Tale Exotic Rifle.

The catalyst provides Dark-Forged Trigger perk to the exotic rifle. It increases hip fire rate of the rifle and also removes the accuracy penalty when you hip fire using the Dead Man’s Exotic Rifle.

However, you will need to activate the Catalyst before being able to use it.

How to activate the Catalyst for Dead Man’s Tale

To activate the Catalyst for the Dead Man’s Tale exotic rifle, you need to kill a total of 800 enemies with the Dead Man’s Tale exotic rifle.

You can also find hidden caches in the Presage mission to be able to use the catalyst. We have listed the 2 hidden caches with their locations below.

Hidden Cache #1
The cache can be discovered soon after the starting spacewalk. Head left when you enter the ship tunnels and use the first vent to find the datapad.

Use it to open the door close, and get the cache.

Hidden Cache #2
The second cache can be discovered not long before you arrive at the boat. You will discover another datapad on the floor that will open a vent in the floor behind you.

Drop down to get the cache.

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