Destiny 2 Anti-Anti-Air Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 Anti-Anti-Air Adventure Guide to help you learn all about infiltrating the Red Legion base and disabling their network of Flak turrets. Adventures in Destiny 2 small self-containing missions that you can complete in order to earn high-value loot. You should be able to find Adventures across all four Destiny 2 Worlds.

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Destiny 2 Anti-Anti-Air Adventure

Reward: Ability Unlock
Location: FirebaseHades, European Dead Zone
Prerequisites: Complete Campaign Mission Unbroken

This Destiny 2 adventure involves helping Hawthorne take out the anti-aircraft cannon of Red Legion and sabotage their European Dead Zone Base.

You will have to infiltrate their territory and go about destroying all of their precious anti-air equipment while trying to survive

Eliminate the unique Psion at the first objective marker and then collect the Red Legion Intelligence dropped by him and his comrades.

Infiltrate the Legion’s Anchor and get to the west edge of Firebase Hades. Now keep on following the objective marker and kill the waiting enemies at the end of the passage.

Once you enter the Legion, you need to kill the named Psion to collect the Security Access Code which you will use along with another code from a named Centurion to deactivate the force field and head outside.

Now you have to destroy seven flak turrets, carefully prioritize your targets and clear the area of enemies before you focus on the turrets.

Each hacked console will drop a force field and you need to destroy the vulnerable power supplies at the objective markers. After you have destroyed all of the Flak turrets, you need to destroy two generators. Once you do that, you need to clear the area of Cabal forces. Remember to prioritize the Mechanic Overseer Vaz’zar.

Collect his dropped Security Code and make your way to the objective marker where you will destroy an overhead junction boss before disabling the firebase’ main gun to complete the adventure.

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