Destiny 2 Another Link in the Chain Triumph Guide

In this Destiny 2 Another link in the Chain Triumph guide we have listed all 6 clue locations for Another Link in the Chain Triumph in D2 Season of the Chosen.

Destiny 2 Another Link in the Chain Triumph

The Presage in Destiny 2 has been updated with 6 new clues that need to be found in order to complete Another Link in the Chain Triumph. The Clues are present in the Presage and can be found in both Normal and Master difficulties. However, Normal difficulty is suggested for this as it does not have any time limits.

In order to find the clues, you will first need to clear the Presage mission before as the clues and Caiatl will appear after you complete the Presage quest once.

Clue #1
The first clue can be found on a wall when you start off the Presage quest. Head to the left from the start and jump to a door in the upper part of the wall to reach the terminal.

Scan it to get the first clue.

Clue #2
The second clue can be found near the two electric walls. Jump to the platform to the other side and navigate to the other side of the electric wall to find the broken turret and get the second clue.

Clue #3
After you fight the two enemies at the Space Hangar, head underneath the ship to find Cabals backpack and get the third clue.

Clue #4
This clue is located in a room ahead of the Space Hanger. Go to the room to find a Chieftains body on the table and scan it to get the next clue.

Clue #5
This clue can be found by finding and scanning a dead ghost near the jumping puzzle. The jumping puzzle is found before the boss room.

Clue #6
After you defeat the boss, head to the bridge in the final room to find a pile of gold. Scan it to get the final clue.

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