Destiny 2 All the Scattered Pieces Triumph Guide

This Destiny 2 All the Scattered Pieces Triumph guide gives detailed information as to where you can find the set of collectibles to end the Presage mission in Destiny 2 and earn this illusive triumph.

Destiny 2 All the Scattered Pieces Triumph

The Presage mission is a part of Destiny 2’s Dead Man’s Tale Exotic. This mission takes place at a Cabal ship and consists of a total of 15 collectibles that you need to gather in order to get All the Scattered Pieces Triumph.

First Set of Scannables

There are 5 collectibles in this set. The first four collectibles are found before the boss fight, while the last one is found right after it.

Dead Cabal
Once you’ve broken the initial spore cluster found in the Presage mission, you’ll find the Cabal corpse hanging between from some vines right after you’ve passed the Darkness barrier.

Scorn Tether Shell
Jump the initial gap from the Electrical room and you’ll come across the Scorn tether shell in the room following. Simply head right from the gap, enter through the gate and find the collectible.

Guardian Opulent Ship
Simply head over to the hangar area and you’ll find the ship at the opposite end of the area. Side note: you can interact with the ship by looking at the Calus ornaments.

Dark Ether Canisters
At the Last maze, you’ll find a switch that unlocks a time fuse. You must break the fuse, head up the platform, move left, and finally into the dark corridor leading you to the canisters laying down on the ground.

Calus Hologram
Once you’ve defeated the final boss, use the air vent and jump over the wall from where you claim Dead Man’s Tale to find the hologram of Calus.

Second Set

There are 6 scannable collectibles in this set. To continue with this set, you must find all five of the items from the first set.

Computer Terminal
After breaking the initial spore cluster, head up the vent at the top left part of the room. On your left is the computer terminal for you to scan.

Cabal Scorpius Turret
Before breaking the fuse, head over to the Electrical room and find the second gap. Before crossing the gap, you’ll find the Cabal Scorpius turret on the left side.

Cabal Incinerator
Once you’ve defeated the Scorn in the initial hangar, head over to a near hangar and move under the ship to find a Cabal Incinerator fuel tank.

Right after the hangar, head over to the maze encounter’s room on the main part of the ship to find a Scorn corpse at the center of the room.

Dead Ghost
The Dead ghost is found in a platform area. Jump right, opposite to where the spinner is to find the dead ghost at the back of few boxes.

The last room in Presage is where you jump down the bridge and find the Chalice under the walkway on top of a pile of gold.

Third Set

The third set or the last set has only four scannable collectibles and just like the previous set, it’s unlocked once you’ve found all the collectibles from the last set.

Sweeper Bot
Head over to the Electrical room and defeat the Screebs. Hop on to the platform and come across a sweeper bot next to the Cabal terminal.

Communication Array
There’s a platform above and between the two hangars you’ll come across. Jump on and find a communication array on it.

Yellow Cabal Terminal
You’ll find a yellow Cabal terminal once you’ve entered the second hangar of the Glykon. It’s found at the corner, left to the big hangar door.

Chosen Canister and Tapestry
Both Chosen canister and tapestry are found before the final boss fight, in the room with a rally banner flag circle.

Once you’ve gathered all the collectibles, you’ll be rewarded with All the Scattered Pieces Triumph. Check the Triumphs tab to get the Shell of Gilgamesh, thus ending the Presage mission.

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