Destiny 2 Alkane Dust Farming Guide

The release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light has brought along many changes. One of the changes includes removing some of the planets and the resources that come along with them. The removal of these planets has left many new players confused about where to find the planetary resources. This Destiny 2 Alkane Dust Farming guide will help you in dealing with vendors that require these removed resources.

Destiny 2 Alkane Dust Farming

The removal of planets means that the resources and activities that come with them have also been removed. One of the removed currencies also includes Alkane Dust, which could be found on Titan.

Other planets include; Mercury that contains planetary materials such as Simulation Seeds; Mars provides Seraphite and Lastly, Lo, which provides Phaseglass Needle.

Let’s find out how to find these removed materials with the new update.

Rotation of Vendor Requirements
Since these removed resources cannot be harvested in the game anymore, there is a common issue that you will face while meeting with a vendor. The problem occurs when the vendor requirements will include the removed items.

You may also encounter this problem when you visit Banshee-44 in the Tower. You can tackle this problem by merely waiting for 24 hours till the vendor changes its requirements.

The vendor requirements reset after every 24 hours, so you can come back and find the vendors when the rotation has happened.

Following are the removed materials and their uses in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Alkane Dust
Before the planets were removed, Alkane Dust was found on the world called Titan. It is used to increase your reputation by giving it to Sloane along with the Titan Faction.

This planetary substance is also used in Titan challenges, such as gathering ten Alkane Dust.

Alkane dust is consumable, and it is uncommon in terms of rarity. It is Arcology Flora, and Crystallized Methane synthesized along with Hive materials. You can find this material by finding Alkane in Titan.

Simulation Seed
This material is redeemable and uncommon in rarity. Before the removal of planets, it could be obtained at material nodes on Mercury.

This material is used to increase reputation with Mercury Faction by giving these seeds to Brother Vance in the Lighthouse.

This material makes up the foundation blocks of the Infinite Forest.

Seraphite is a redeemable and consumable item. This planetary material is common in terms of rarity.

This material could be found on Mars before the removal of planets. You can bring it to Ana Bray to gain its benefits. Moreover, this material is a Relic Iron covered with Seraph energy.

Phaseglass Needle
This Needle is a consumable item that could be found on Lo. It is uncommon in rarity, and it is used to increase your reputation when given to Asher Mir. It is also used in completing challenges in Lo, such as gathering ten Phaseglass Needles.

To obtain this material, you could interact with Phaseglass in Lo. This item is useful not only for you but also for your allies on IO. You can bring it to Asher Mir in the Rupture to increase your reputation with the Lo Faction.

While you can wait for the vendor requirements reset after 24 hours, there is one other option.

You can buy concentrated Mattergem for Bright Dust from a vendor and then do public events or run nightfall. Note that there is no guarantee of the drop of removed items with this option

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