Destiny 2 Is Not An Accomplishment, Activision Blizzard Q2 Financial Listing Reveals

Just yesterday, Activision Blizzard Q2 financial call for 2018 was held and as you can guess, its publishers talked about their future products as well as some reflections on the past quarter. Turns out when it came to listing out their accomplishments for Q2, Destiny 2 was not included.

So apparently Activision Blizzard left out one of its major franchise Destiny 2 from its accomplishment list. What does that mean for the title’s future? Is it bleach or does the publisher has something else in mind? because recently there have been some attempts by the game developers to make a few improvements in the game.

Like very recently Bungie has been inviting popular Destiny Youtubers and streamers, to offer feedback regarding different aspects of the game. So they may utilize the input in order to improve the game. Since we did not hear much on such activities we can’t be certain, on what they have in mind.

As if that was not enough to imply that the title is perhaps not doing good, Bungie has also hired a Youtuber named Patrick ‘Holtzmann’ Casey who has been playing Destiny since its inception.

So all this pretty much obviously implies that Destiny 2 has perhaps not been in a good place and with this Activision Blizzard Q2 Financial reveal. It is pretty much nail in the coffin.

That being said, to be fair, the publishers didn’t completely abandon the title in its Q2 call. They did give a tout out to its upcoming September expansion, which includes a mode that has never been featured in a first-person shooter before.

Although, when the time came for Q2 listing for its accomplished titles, Destiny 2 was left out. So with all that said, what are your thoughts about the game? Do you consider Destiny 2 to be an accomplishment? Let us know in the comments below.