Destiny 2 A Frame Job Adventure Guide

Destiny 2 A Frame Job Adventure Guide to help dive into the enemy territory to ambush the Red Legion and trick them into retaliating against the Fallen. You find this Adventure in the EDZ region. Adventures are small self-contained missions that are fairly easy to complete and award you with loot upon completion.

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Destiny 2 A Frame Job Adventure

Location: Trostland, European Dead Zone
Prerequisites: Complete Combustion Campaign Mission

Access Fallen Terminal system in the building past the church as indicated by the marker. Kill all the enemies here and activate the terminal to refresh your objectives.

The next objective is to collect 6 archived audio fragments from 6 Fallen troops in the area. Head outside and kill at least 6 Fallen enemies to acquire the Voice Distortion Modules to complete the objective.

Now follow the objective marker to the Saltzwerk Mines which is the Ambush Site. There will be enemies outside the site as well as inside. Kill them, go inside and remember to watch out for Laser Tripmines in there. There will be troops scattered at your front and snipers shooting at you from behind. To easily get through the upcoming battle, take out the laser mines first by destroying the laser source first.

Alternatively, avoid the first few laser to get to the raised walkway on your left path as it provides you a height advantage and give you easy access to kill the sniper and let you get over a lot of laser. Get to the ambush site and eliminate all of their forces along with the Captain.

There is also a Servitor in the area, kill it first so it does not buff the enemies. Once done, stand inside the blue circle as indicated by the marker to reach the final stage of the mission.

Once outside, kill the enemies on your path and go up until you reach the white circle on top of a rock.

Scan the area to prepare for incoming Cabal forces and stay near the scanning locations to avoid the explosives. Try to stay behind the laser traps so the enemies explode trying to reach you.

Clear two waves of Cabal forces, followed by the third one; which will be much more difficult, kill any drones that fly over the laser traps.

Alternatively, you can use abilities that deal Solar Damage to make short work of the enemies and end the adventure.

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