Destiny 2 2.70 Update Takes Down Servers For Implementation

Destiny 2 players won’t be able to log into the game for a while today as the Destiny 2 2.70 update is now being implemented by Bungie. The update will be doing a variety of different things to the game, most importantly bringing in the new season, the Season of Dawn, for the game.

Season of Dawn is the direct continuation of the storyline begun in the previous Season of the Undying, still focused around the Vex and taking Guardians back to Mercury to once again deal with the Vex. Guardians will also be fighting alongside a legend, the famous Titan Saint-14, whose helmet Titans can acquire and wear.

Thankfully, the Destiny 2 2.70 update isn’t expected to last for more than an hour while Bungie implements the update. However, players might still want to give it a few hours for the initial crowd of players to die down or allow Bungie to work out the inevitable kinks.

Season of Dawn will not only give us the opportunity to rescue Saint-14 from his death, but will also grant us various new areas and challenges and activities to play through, along with the normal armor and weapons that come with each season.

Of course, depending on your time zone it’s possible that the update has already gone through and that you can now play the Destiny 2 2.70 update, but otherwise you’ll likely have to look at Bungie’s actual website to learn when the new season is supposed to be coming to your time zone.

In the meantime, if you’re already playing the new update, you can go out and enjoy the new stuff that Bungie has put into the game now. Considering how Season of the Undying evolved over time, one can only wonder what changes will be coming to Destiny 2 over the course of Season of Dawn.

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