Destiny 1.2.0 Patch Delayed, House of Wolves Will Have to Wait

After hyping up the release of update 1.2.0 for Destiny after 10 AM PST on May 12th, Bungie revealed at the last moment that it wouldn’t be making the launch window.

According to the developer on Twitter, “Our patch schedule for House of Wolves has changed slightly. 1.2.0 will not deploy today. Please stand by for more information. Game on.”

The patch schedule changing slightly for House of Wolves is definitely strange so close to the release of a major update.  Many have interpreted this to mean that next week’s patch, which will finally allow us to get our hands on House of Wolves, may end up being delayed as well.

Which would ultimately lead to the expansion itself’s delay. Then again, it’s possible that update 1.2.0 lands alongside next week’s update in time for House of Wolves and everyone is panicking over nothing. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

Update 1.2.0 was not a small update by any means. It was meant to introduce several changes and improvements to the Crucible mode, including increased reputation and marks for matches, better balanced rewards for top players, a daily Crucible objective for guaranteed rewards and tons more.

Destiny’s House of Wolves is supposed to be out on May 19th for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PS4. Iff it is delayed, though, hopefully Bungie won’t push its release too far back.  The fans are hungry for more content!

Will you be hitting the Destiny servers hard in anticipation of the new expansion, regardless of when it releases?  Let us know in the comments!

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