Desperados 3 Baron Challenge For A Few Bullets More Guide

Desperados III Baron Challenges have you clearing missions in a rather specific way, restricting certain mechanics and daring you to complete the mission with the resources at hand. In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge For A Few Bullets More guide, we’ll be showing you how you can effectively complete the mission with the four characters provided.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: For A Few Bullets More

The Desperados III Baron Challenge For A Few Bullets More puts an interesting twist on its mission as it asks you not to use any sort of throwing knives, Hector’s traps or backstabbing.

All four characters will be starting in a different position.

  • Cooper is on the Southern end behind the shack.
  • Hector is on the opposite side of the tracks of Cooper.
  • Kate is in the North-Eastern corner of the map.
  • McCoy is in the North-Western corner of the map.

The challenge’s loud nature might have you in a bit of a fuss if you don’t execute your moves precisely.

The goal of this Baron Challenge is to wipe every set of enemies with the least amount of moves in order to avoid any risks.

Hector and Cooper – Step 1

Start off with Hector and move North. Use the bushes to hide yourself and take out the three enemies in this area.

Cooper can go ahead and kill the other two enemies near the tracks. Cooper’s ability to shoot twice is going to be extremely helpful. Combine that with a good hiding spot and enemies won’t know what hit them.

There are three other enemies near this area to the North-East. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies mentioned above, either they will come running to you because of the noise or you can make your way to them.

Either way, eliminate them with either Hector or Cooper. It should be easy to kill all three of them with a single shot. It’s always safer to use Cooper in this position, his second shot gives you a little insurance.

Cooper can make things relatively easy. You can push forward with him and clear out enemies before they have the chance to see you. Make sure to keep running back into cover to avoid confrontation.

Kate and McCoy – Step 2

Move Kate up from North-East to North. Head West from there, avoiding any enemies and group up with McCoy.

Use McCoy to take out enemies at range with his weapon. Eliminate all of the scouts positioned on the rooftops. There should be two guards scouting out the location on the tower looking down on you.

Kate is backup and her job is to make sure McCoy sniping spree is never disturbed.

If enemies come snooping too close, use the bag to distract them and have Kate pick them off.

After you’ve dealt with enough enemies this way. Explore a little with Kate and get some ammo from chests and wait by the broken walls.

Hector and Cooper – Step 3

The third move requires us to go back to Hector and Cooper. In front of you, you’ll find a Poncho and a Long Coat by the rail tracks.

Shooting the Long Coat once should be enough and the Poncho should be easy enough to deal with. Keep in mind to avoid the train and let it pass so as to avoid any unwanted attention.

Now head across the train tracks to the East. Here, you’ll find a building with a ladder.

Go behind the building and take out the two enemies next to the civilian. From here, you have to move a little fast as the previous stunt will attract attention. Head up the ladder.

You can take out any enemies coming up the ladder and any below you. Should you not be able to carry out the execution effectively, jump down and stay at a distance.

Make sure to kill any and all civilians. Kill the disguised lady as well if she hasn’t died yet.

Fill up your ammo using the chests in the area. Keep going forward and go to the train station. Take out the scout here on the tower, to which all enemies will go up to the tower to check what’s going on.

If your placement with Hector is right, you can take all enemies out.

Should that strategy not work out as effectively, wait for them to start scattering out and start picking each one of them out individually.

Everyone Together – Step 4

Continue to the Western side towards Kate and McCoy. Kill all enemies near the fountain employing the same strategy we have been for this entire mission.

Start out by utilizing two of Cooper’s shots and then bait enemies using Cooper and have Hector shoot them all.

After clearing the building, bring Kate and McCoy to the left and use the slope to the train tracks and snipe enemies. Take out all of the scouts in the vantage points.

Now that all four of you are regrouped, go to the North-Eastern side of the map. Things should be easy now.

Have McCoy in a sniping position, Cooper and Kate to tend to any strays and Hector for taking out grouped enemies.

Take care of any remaining enemies and you should be done with the Baron challenge: For a Few Bullets More!

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