Desperados 3 Until Death Do Us Part Walkthrough

Until Death Do Us Part has you infiltrating the Higgins’ Estate as Kate O’Hara and Cooper. In this Desperados 3 Until Death Do Us Part walkthrough, we will be taking you through the convenient methods that we found while breaking into the estate as both Kate, and John Cooper.

Desperados 3 Until Death Do Us Part

After the photo session ends with Higgins, make your way past the guard dog, where you will spot a Lady with a key that you need. In order to steal it successfully, you will have to blind the guard on the balcony using your perfume.

Once the lady is standing still, blind the guard, and go for the key; and proceed to the next area by simply unlocking the door.

Getting into the Library
You’ll find yourself in the adjacent yard, move up the stairs, and make sure the guards on the other end aren’t close-by to spot what you’re doing.

Blind the guard down the stairs, and knock out the guard in front of the door. Wait a while, and blind the guard again so you can unlock the door, and move in.

Making your way to the Office
One of the guards will patrol towards the guard idling, and resting next to the wall near the door you just entered through.

After they’re bunched up together, use the perfume to blind them, and move through the hallway, past an unsuspecting guard, and enter the door to your right.

Search for the papers on the desk, which will begin a cutscene, and Kate will hide in the closet.

Infiltrating with Cooper
The game will give you a path, that is through the side of the house by climbing up the vines.

Start off by jumping down to the left side of the cliff, and making your way past the guards by using distractions where necessary.

Eventually, you’ll come across to the point where Kate initially started off. Make your way up the wooden stairs, be careful as a guard patrols this path; take him out and hide him in the bush nearby.

Start sneaking past the tables, avoiding line of sight of the nearby guards, and use the vines to get onto the balcony located at the side of the house.

Feel free to take out all enemies in the area before proceeding into the library.

Proceed through the balcony door and take out the enemy, and hide him in the closet; soon after, another enemy should come patrolling about, take him out as well and do the same.

Go through the door leading into the office, and a cutscene will start where Higgins will be threatening Kate to marry him.

Kate’s Clothes
Time to make your way out of the estate with Kate. First, you need to steal the Maid’s clothes. Jump down the balcony into the bushes below.

Use Showdown to take out both the enemies, strategically blinding one using Kate’s perfume, while using ranged to take down the other using Cooper.

There will be two guards at the end of the wedding aisle, and one to the left. They will all be alone, at one time or the other during their patrols.

Use that window of opportunity to take all three of them out. Utilize Kate’s Perfume and allow Cooper to get close for the killing blow.

Once all guards are dealt with, loot the Maid’s costume and change up.

Escaping Higgins’ Estate
Use Kate to distract the guards by the table arrangements, and start taking out as many guards as you can using Cooper.

You can use the vines to the left side, and get on top of the house to get a better angle on some of the guards down below.

Use the rock to take out two enemies in an instant. Utilize Kate’s seduction as much as you can, it’ll help open up paths for Cooper to use, and kill unsuspecting enemies.

Head back through the path where Cooper originally infiltrated the Higgins’ estate from, and eventually you’ll be pitted against an annoying guard dog.

Start taking out the enemies in this area in a clock-wise manner. Begin taking the enemy to the left of the main balcony, and then head up to kill the scout overlooking the entire area from the balcony.

Use proper timing to take out the guard dog, and the other enemies using Kate’s seduction.

When the area has a little less heat, use the Gatling gun to take out the remaining enemies, and escape from the area, completing the mission.

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