Desperados 3 Troublemakers in Flagstone Walkthrough

With Hector and John Cooper’s skill-set at your disposal, you are required to take out all the troublemakers found in Flagstone. In this Desperados 3 Troublemakers in Flagstone walkthrough, we will be walking you through, what we found to be extremely effective methods in taking down the targets in the third mission of the game.

Desperados 3 Troublemakers in Flagstone

The Troublemakers in Flagstone mission of Desperados III starts off with a cutscene in which Cooper and Hector are in a bar; soon they will realize that they are being surrounded by DeVitt’s company, a total of three thugs.

Once you have control of your characters, you can take the enemies out in any way you like, one being to simply get to cover on the other end of this area.

Use Whistle to lure the enemies to secluded positions, and take them out systematically.

Alternatively, you can study the enemy’s patrol paths, and use Hector’s bear traps to catch them off-guard and kill them on the spot.

The Long Coat opponent will be immune to any attempted distractions. Use Hector’s strength to get rid of the Long Coat opponent.

Murdering Jarvis
Make your way out through the fence gate in the initial area, and get to the area with haystacks in the South-Western part of the map.

This area is a forbidden zone, so you’ll have to make your way in, a little bit carefully.

Right by the entrance, there are a total of four individuals you will need to take care of. The guy at the entrance can be easily killed by using a little bit of distraction, from behind the logs. Once you cross the red line, you’re in enemy territory.

Use Cooper’s ranged attack to take down one of the two remaining enemies from ranged, and take the other down by using a simple stealth takedown.

Make sure to hide all the bodies in the nearby bushes and haystacks.

Use the opening in the fence to piss the bull off by throwing a coin at it, and kill Jarvis once he’s standing in front of the bull. Well executed!

Murdering Marge
Our next target is Marge located in the local brothel of the area. Head out of where Jarvis was, and you can find the brothel in the North-Western part of the map.

Enter the adjacent yard which will contain two enemies.

Kill both of them stealthily, use coins to distract if necessary. Your priority is making your way into the backyard, which will have one enemy, you can distract him from behind the fence, and dispose of him.

Move behind the shed, and proceed to place yourself around the next two enemies, and take them out.

This leaves us with a total of four enemies left around the yard. They can be easily taken down by using distractions and stealth attacks.

After dealing with all threats outside the bar, begin taking down enemies within the brothel, by entering through the back.

Kill the enemy on the chair, and hide in the closet should any enemies come looking for you in this room, and take them out one by one.

You can cleverly use Hector’s bear traps to get rid of enemies walking into this room. Make sure to hide all bodies.

Your target, Marge, will be having the time of his life on the upper floor, there is no way to kill him directly without triggering an alarm.

The best thing you can do is take the laudanum lying on the table in the room on the upper floor. Poison the barrel at the bottom floor, where we were initially hiding (East-most part of the building).

Following the above steps, Marge should effectively drink herself to death.

Murdering the Duke
Move to the Northern part of the map where you’ll find Duke frequently by the church. You can climb onto the vines located to the right to get on top of the stone hill.

Use a coin to distract everyone to the other side, and get on top of the building with the bell.

Drop the bell onto the enemies below (Make sure Duke is here) to take them out in an instant.

Make your way back, avoiding guards, and move to your final target in the area, McBane.

Murdering McBane
Get to the North-Eastern part of the map, where you will be able to find a construction site with our final target for the third mission.

The entire area is infested with guards, you can make your way through the bottom, using the piles of logs as cover.

Most of these should be easily taken down using distractions, and Hector’s bear traps.

Use bushes to conceal yourself from the enemy line of sight, and Cooper’s ranged attacks to take everyone down one-by-one.

Our target should be pondering over a table, in a blue shirt. Simply walk up to him when the time is right, and seal the deal.

Return to the Saloon
After dealing with all four targets, simply head back to the spot marked by the game, which will be located at the Eastern street of the city.

A cut-scene will begin and you will have finished the third mission, Troublemakers in Flagstone.

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