Desperados 3 The Bridge at Eagle Falls Walkthrough

This Desperados 3 walkthrough will cover the mission The Bridge at Eagle Falls. Our main characters realize that in order to stop the company from sending more men on a train, they need to blow up the bridge at Eagle Falls to smithereens. This is the only way to save the people of Flagstone from pain and misery.

Desperados 3 The Bridge at Eagle Falls

McCoy points out that the weak spot of the bridge is the support structures underneath it so that needs to be the target. The first thing you need to do is gather dynamite. There is some in a hut in the quarry and in a weapon’s shed at the shooting range.

Badge Challenges

  • Kill 3 guards with rolling logs
  • Kill 3 guards at the same time in a quarry explosion
  • Kill 5 guards when destroying the bridge
  • Speedrun: Complete the mission in under 12-20 minutes
  • Complete the Bridge at Eagle Falls mission on Hard difficulty

Get the Dynamite
Once the mission starts, head north of the starting area and you will immediately encounter a couple of enemies sitting around a campfire.

Most of the hands are busy working so these guys are isolated. Meaning you can take them out without alerting the camp.

Have Cooper target one of them in Showdown mode while McCoy attacks the others. Hide their bodies back where you started before proceeding onwards.

One guy will come to investigate so stay out of his green field of vision and then move forward when he turns his back on you. Try to take cover behind one of the tents ahead.

Once that guy comes back during his patrol of the area in which you previously were standing, sneak out and kill him.

Be careful of the other guy patrolling to the North since he may spot you if you find yourself within his field of vision. Hide the body in the bushes behind the tent that you’re using for cover.

There is a guy sitting in front of the tent above you and he is keeping a watchful eye in front of him. You will need to get him out of the picture if you hope to proceed.

Have Cooper use the tents for cover as he sneaks to the east side of this area and hides by the tent where the enemy is sleeping outside the entrance.

Wait for the patrolling enemy to meet up with the one who is sitting and then take out two birds with one stone by having Kate blind them with her perfume vial.

Enter Showdown mode and have her target them both with the vial while Cooper kills the sleeping man with a dagger.

Have McCoy finish off the two blinded enemies and then hide their bodies in the bushes.

Now you need to make your way towards the railway tracks to your North-West.

There are two guys here you need to watch out for; one is working on the railway track right next to you while the other is patrolling further up the bridge.

Both of them can spot you so have one of the characters take cover behind the parked wagon and then distract the nearby enemy before eliminating him and hiding the body.

If the man on the bridge spots you then you need to run up, kill him and drag the body away before the whole area is alerted.

When you’re on the bridge, take out the first man to your right and toss the body over the bridge.

In order to deal with the Long Coat, someone has to weaken him with a gunshot and then the other takes him out from behind.

Have Cooper run up to the crates next to the enemy and use them for cover while McCoy goes to the crates with the glowing Question Mark.

Have McCoy target him in Showdown mode to shoot him. Then have Cooper sneak up behind him and finish him off. Throw the body off the bridge and continue.

There are two guys patrolling further up the bridge so deal with them by having one person sneak up to the wagon when their back is turned and knife kill him before hiding the body.

Then deal with the second guy in the same manner. If they spot you, you need to run and take cover back to just before the bridge until they stop looking for you.

You can use this moment to apply bandages if you’re injured.

Try to sneak your way to the bushes next to a hut. There will be a tone of witnesses here so you need to be extra sneaky.

Patience is the key to your success here. There will also be 3 gunslingers that constantly move back and forth between this area so you need to make sure they don’t spot you.

Have Kate use her disguise ability to distract the two civilians in front of the hut so that the other two characters can sneaky to the bushes on the other side.

Then have Kate lure in the gunslingers one at a time to those bushes so that they can be killed or incapacitated.

Keep repeating this strategy until you’ve cleared the area enough to make you way towards the water tower on the right. Climb it and then jump down onto the train on the other side.

Once you’re on the train, you need to carefully move up while avoiding detection. Especially from the ladies since Kate’s charm won’t work on them.

Once you’re ahead, you need to jump to the left are filled with forest and dirt since on the right is a populated work place on the railway.

You need to take cover in the bushes and repeat the strategy of clearing out guys by having Kate distract them and lure them to the bushes so that they can be incapacitated.

Head upwards to where the steps are. Take out the workman there and hide his body in the bushes.

Make your way to the other side of where he was and head down the steps. You cannot let the Longcoat detect you since he can see right past Kate’s charms as well.

There will be a bunch of workers using dynamite. McCoy suggests blowing it up but Kate points out that doing so will have the whole camp after them.

Have Kate cause a distraction by going to the top of the tallest work building in the area and pushing a wheelbarrow full of materials onto the workers below.

Once they start scattering, get out of there.

Now that you have thinned the herd a bit, you can continue the strategy of using Kate to lure victims to the bushes where Cooper or McCoy can finish them off. This is tedious but it’s the only way to eliminate the enemies without being detected.

You should make your way to the top left part of the area and take out any enemies you encounter there in the same manner.

This is so that you can make your way upwards to the elevated areas that have guards watching you. These areas are right above the dynamite testing location so just follow the explosions.

You need the guards out of the way to succeed so climb up, have Kate distract one while you knife the other. Then sneak up on the other quickly and finish him off.

Now you can freely move down by the dynamite testing area and eliminate targets with minimal chance of detection.

We recommend positioning McCoy and Cooper in the bushes on either side of the man testing the dynamite and then start sneakily killing the gunslingers in the area via the same strategy.

Just watch out for the Long Coat. If you can get him out of the picture then the plan will flow a lot smoother. You can now have Cooper lockpick the hut and collect the Dynamite.

Plant the Dynamite
Sneak your way down south. Use the gate to go back to area with the hut that has civilians in front of it.

From there you must descend down the ladder on the bottom right and take out the enemies in that small drop.

There is a small storage shed below that you should visit. McCoy suggests stocking up before the explosions start.

You must sneakily eliminate the Long Coat and surrounding gun slingers before you can do so.

Once that’s been dealt with, make your way to the weak point of the bridge while taking out any enemies you encounter along the walk. Have McCoy plant the dynamite and then get out of there.

Snipe the Dynamite
Have McCoy use the sniper rifle to shoot at the Dynamite and blow up the bridge. At this point, every enemy will start searching for you so there’s no reason to stay quiet anymore.

Meet Up at the Train
Hector is waiting by the train so you need to get to him. You can play as him and start taking out enemies near the train.

There’s plenty of cover you can use here so sneak up to enemies and stab them in the back.

Meanwhile, have the other 3 sneak as much as they can as they make their way to the train. Eventually you will reach there and can leave.

A cutscene will trigger showing the gang late at night as they celebrate the success of the plan. Cooper suggests ditching the train and going to New Orleans so he can catch up on an old bounty.

The gang then enjoys Hector’s cooking and the mission ends. Successful completion of Desperados 3 The Bridge at Eagle Falls mission rewards you with the Goodbye Colorado trophy.