Desperados 3 Running Late on Payday Walkthrough

In this Desperados 3 Running Late on Payday walkthrough, we will guide you through all the steps of rescuing Doc McCoy, as he fends off waves of bandits during a train robbery.

Desperados 3 Running Late on Payday

At the start of the Running Late on Payday mission, you will be at the east end of the map. As the mission starts, John Cooper will automatically deal with the first bandit.

But, the second enemy must be eliminated by the player. You can either kill the enemy or stun them.

After dealing with him, head towards west from the starting point, where you will encounter the next enemy. Either kill the bandit here or sneak past him.

You can only kill the bandit from a distance using a throwing knife, and if you do that, you will have to retrieve the knife from the corpse. So, make your decision carefully.

After dealing with the bandit, your objective will be to get to the stairs. Climb to the roof of the car wagon and go further west.

You will reach two civilians under attack from the bandit. Either use your revolver to kill them or get close and use your knife.

After killing the bandits and saving the civilians, head to the next area. Here you will see McCoy being aimed at by two bandits. The game will suggest using the Showdown Mode here.

You can use the fact that you have two revolvers and plan to aim each weapon at a separate opponent. Kill them and save McCoy. McCoy will now become a playable character.

Now, you will have to work with Cooper to reach the Locomotive. After you save McCoy, use his medicine bag to get rid of two bandits near the hut.

After dealing with the bandits, move to the next area. In this area, the opponents won’t move from their places, whatever you try.

Use McCoy’s newly unlocked revolver Buntline to kill the enemies in this area.

After clearing the area, Cooper has to lower the rope ladder for McCoy – climb up the ivy to get to the place where the opponent in a poncho stood.

Now move on to the small camp. Here you will have to kill 4 opponents. Use McCoy’s medicine bag to distract them and kill them one by one.

Reach the Mine
Your next objective will be to enter the mine. This will be difficult to traverse as an opponent is in a poncho, standing at the table, and you can’t force him to move away.

One of the opponents is moving bags to the mine’s entrance.

To defeat these enemies, use your throw knife at the poncho opponent and then run-up to the second enemy and quickly knock him out.

After killing both the enemies, jump off the car to reach 2 more enemies. Use Showdown mode to deal with them.

Move further down till you reach a large group of opponents holding some hostages.

You can either choose to save the hostages or continue on with your mission.

If you just want to continue the mission, use the ladder to climb to the roof of the next train. If you want to save the hostages, get rid of all the bandits in the area.

Now move on the train cars and head towards north, until you reach an area where you will have to save some more hostages (optional).

Head to the hill path to continue with the mission. Here, explore the area and remove all the bandits. In the end, you will get your hands on the dynamite barrel.

Now the last part of the mission will begin. In this part, you must use the dynamite to unlock the destroyed entrance of the tunnel to escape the area.

Interact with the barrel to pick up a dynamite stick. Throw it at the boulders lying in front of the Locomotive. Hide in the bushes to not get detected from the alarmed enemies.

To get rid of these enemies, take another dynamite and wait until the opponents get closer to the tunnel. Throw dynamite at them.

The explosion should kill all 3 enemies. Now leave the area on the locomotive to complete the mission.

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