Desperados 3 One Hell of a Night Walkthrough

This guide is a walkthrough of the complete Desperados 3 One Hell of a Night mission. We have explained all the steps that you need to take, how to tackle the guards, and where to find your companions.

So, you are in this town by the docks it’s literally been ‘One Hell of a Night’ here. You have to find all your companions while staying away from the guards and find the ship by the docks.

Desperados 3 One Hell of a Night

The mission starts with a discussion cut scene of a conversation between Rosie and Hector.

Your main objective is to find the rest of the pack and Bianca. Go ahead but stay hidden of the guy down the staircase. He will track your footsteps so you must hide behind the bushes.

Go further to the right then and you will have to hide from another person too who is standing in front of the tower.

There is a ladder attached to the tower. Climb it up and get to the top. Wake up Cooper over there to gain control of him.

Now use the coins to distract the searching guys and search for a bench behind the tower. Kate will be asleep over it. Wake her up to gain control of her too.

Make arrangements for a meeting of all three of them at an indicated spot.

You will now have to find Doc and then have to get to the boat at the docks. So first knock the guards one by one and hide the bodies in the bushes.

Get through the gate to the left then and keep clearing the guard one by one using the same process of throwing coins as baits.

There is a small cannon there which you can use the instantly kill the two guards standing in front of it.

Get to the ladder by which there is a red bell. Climb it up and throw coins one by one to take off the guards.

You have to clear all the surrounding guard of this house as McCoy is in there and you need to take him out.

Once you have taken McCoy out, go further to the right towards the ‘Poker Tournament’ area.

Go ahead straight and clear the area of guards so that you can get to the man standing by the shore. Knockdown the man and then go ahead further to the right.

Get to the docks. There are many guards here. Use Kate to seduce the men and take them to a side so that you can knock them off easily.

Clear the whole area by taking out the guards one by one, and finally get everyone to the boat.

Once all are aboard, you will sail off and the One Hell of a Night mission is completed!