Desperados 3 Louisiana Voodoo Walkthrough

Desperados 3 is a very challenging game and really puts the player’s strategical skills to the test in its various missions. Desperados 3 Louisiana Voodoo is one such mission and is the eighth mission in Desperados III and has three different parts.

All of these are to be completed successfully in order to complete the Louisiana Voodoo mission.

Desperados 3 Louisiana Voodoo

There are three sub-missions of the main storyline in Louisiana Voodoo as listed below:

  • Save Isabelle and Help Cooper
  • Save McCoy
  • Rescue Kate and Hector
  • Escape the Premises

Our guide will help you go through these sub missions like it’s a child’s play! We will comprehensively go through each submission which will surely help you to finish it successfully.

Save Isabelle and Help Cooper
As the mission starts you play as Isabelle and you find yourself in a cage. In order to get her out, you can use mind control, one of the Voodoo powers in her arsenal. This skill can let you control any nearby enemy.

Don’t try to attack anyone, just pick the keys up lying right next to the cage and wait for the enemies to split up. With mind control, you can order the guards to go away, close to the crates and you can push these crates to kill them.

Once the enemies split up, exit the cage and hide in the nearby bushes. Make sure you use healing herbs every time you use the Mind Control skill because only then will you be able to use it again.

The next main objective is to reach the Vantage point, as soon as you reach it entire map will be revealed along with your main objectives.

As soon as you reach the vantage point, Isabelle’s next Voodoo power, Connection, will be unlocked.

This power lets you connect two souls and you can kill them together. You only need to aim the arrows towards two enemies to connect them and either kill or stun them together.

You can hide the bodies in the nearby bushes or throw them in the river to avoid being caught.

Another Voodoo ability is using Stella the cat. This allows you to distract the enemy for a short while so you can approach them and do melee attack on them. For this face the enemy and use the D key.

To the South you will see more bandits. Use the connection ability to kill them in pairs.

Leave the bandits on the vantage point for last. When you reach the vantage point the rest of the map and objectives will be revealed to you.

The next main objective is saving Cooper who is defending himself on the ship in the north east corner of the map.

Approach near the ship and kill the two enemies stationed there. There are two standing bandits and one is running around. Kill the rest first to avoid raising the alarm.

Reach the area with two cabins where you will find two bandits. Let them get closer to each other near the bushes and then attack them to hide their bodies in the bushes.

Now you have to reach the central island for which you can swim through the water.

But before you jump in you will see two bandits, kill them with connection ability! You can also distract them and then kill them.

When you reach the central island you will find another pair of enemies there and one running around.

Kill the one running around first and then use the connection ability to kill the pair.

Find the chest nearby to restore Isabelle’s mind control ability and always use it only when needed, most preferably against the enemies in the central part of the map.

Avoid the bandits shooting at you and jump in the sea to reach the ship and unite with Cooper.

Cooper will then join your team and you will get access to all his skills. This will result in the successful completion of the first part of the Louisiana Voodoo mission.

Saving McCoy
In order to save McCoy, you need to reach the eastern cabin where he is being held captive. This area is south of the place where you just saved Cooper. The most preferable way, avoiding the enemies, is by swimming under the bridge on the south.

You will be spotted sooner or later by the bandits on either sides but it’s recommended that you clear the western side first.

You will find 3 enemies stationed there. Use Isabelle’s Showdown mode and order her to use the connection ability and cooper should throw his knife at the same time.

Once you clear the area it will be easier for you to make your way to the central map and the area around the cabin will also be secured.

Near the cabin, there are also tall trees which you can use to hide the bodies.

Use Cooper’s distraction ability to distract the enemies that spot you during the attacks. Get rid of the enemies coming from the South first!

Your next target is the enemy in the green shirt around the cabin but before that, you should use the connection ability to kill the other two enemies and once they are dead, hide their bodies in the tall grass. Now kill the enemy wearing green shirt.

Now enter the cabin through the western door as the southern side is guarded by two more bandits.

Inside the building, you will find Long Coat, an elite enemy which only Hector can kill if you have already rescued but that’s unlikely so do avoid Long Coat.

Hide in the wardrobe till you get the window to sneak into the basement were you will find McCoy.

You will get access to his abilities too. Go back the path you came from and use the wardrobe to avoid long coat and go out.

Rescue Kate and Hector
Your first objective is to rescue Kate. She is being held captive on a hill located on the western edge of the map.

Let Isabelle and Cooper swim to this new area and order McCoy to go where you saved Isabelle as he will shoot the sniper on the hill where Kate is.

The key to both cages is in the box near the cage where Kate is. There is bunch of grass and stacks of crates where you can hide the bodies too.

There are two Long Coat bandits stationed so unless you have Hector already you can kill them.

Use the mind control ability to make one of the Long Coat enemy to fetch the key for you and then stun him to get the key.

Get closer to the cage and kill the regular guard in absence of Long Coat guard. Hide his body in the bushes to stay undetected. Don’t forget to retrieve Cooper’s knife from that guard though.

Climb up the vines to reach the top of the hill, access the cage and rescue Kate and immediately jump in the water as the Long Coat, upon its return, goes into the alarmed state and starts searching for Kate.

The next part is to rescue Hector for which McCoy has to be in the center of the map but since he can’t swim you will have to use the suspension bridge.

The bridge is guarded by two enemies which you need to eliminate before crossing the bridge.

There are enemies between the river and the cage and another sniper too. Eliminate the enemies on the beach first. Wait for Cooper and Isabelle as they will reach the area from the west side and then you can pull an all-out attack in Showdown mode.

McCoy can easily shoot down the sniper nearby and you won’t have to worry about hiding its body either so that is a plus point.

Hector’s cage is being guarded by three enemies, two are poncho’s standing near the cage and one on the upper ledge respectively.

You must use mind control on these but if you run out of the ability you can secure the upper ledge. The other enemy is a Long Coat guard.

You can also send Kate to blind the poncho with her perfume. As for the Long Coat guard, he is always patrolling the area but wait till he goes to the west side.

Open the cage and hide somewhere far from the cage to get away undetected. Upon rescuing Hector you can get his equipment which is not too far away from his cage.

Escaping the area is quite stressful as there are a lot of different enemies and options to opt from! You will be facing regular as well as long coat enemies.

Thanks to you rescuing Hector now Long Coat guards will not be that difficult to deal with.

You need to go to the south west part of the map. In your way you will have to go through the stable but reaching the stable is the real headache.

There are two ways to go to the stable but since now you have hector you can choose the main path.

You will find two long coat enemies that were guarding Hector’s cage which hector can easily kill with melee attacks. Inside the stable you will find two regular and one long coat guards.

Kill the regular ones first by distracting them with number of options available to you.

Now to exit the map you need to distract the long coat enemy and let Cooper, Isabelle and McCoy exit first finally Hector can sneak behind the long coat enemy to kill him.

Move all your team member to escape point which will finish the mission