Desperados 3 Late to the Party Walkthrough

Late to the Party is a DLC Mission in Desperados 3, which returns to the story of 3 months after the end of the game. This guide is a walkthrough of the complete Desperados 3 Late to the Party mission and we will discuss all the major and minor details here.

Desperados 3 Late to the Party DLC

Late to the party in Desperados III is an exceptional mission, and it starts from the Casa DeVitt location of mission 15. The area is completely deserted now!

You will start from the beach area, and you need to find the way to the front of the house.

There is a statue here that you are required to activate. Once the statue is activated, head back to the central area and open the now-unlocked vault.

Finding Switch On the Statue

So first, go ahead towards the right and kill the enemy near the structure here.  Your first objective is to find the switch on the statue, head left through the stable and the pond area. Go ahead through the sloppy area and kill the enemy at the top of the area.

There is a Poncho too on top of the upper left platform. Take him down using a sniper and then go ahead. Head northwest from here through the barn, and approach the broken building on the left.

An enemy will be shoveling behind the building but don’t kill him yet. Instead, whistle and lure him towards you to knock him out.

Switch to Hector then and go inside the broken building on the left. Whistle to lure the enemy around and leave his body inside the building after knocking him down.

Next, staying on the left side of the area, wait for the patrolling Poncho to move north so that you can move McCoy to the bushes inside the fenced area.

Now, as the Poncho moves towards the north again, get McCoy to toss his bag. This will lure the western enemy towards you, so take him down. You can then have Hector take Poncho easily.

There is another Poncho on the second floor in the northeast and another enemy in front of him. To move around the other enemy and just whistle to lure him up. Once he has been dealt with, snipe the Poncho from this location.

Next, move to the middle of the area. There is another Poncho and a Long Coat here, so take them down smoothly. 2 more are shoveling near the well, so take them out too.

So get McCoy and Kate behind a horse around and toss Kate’s vial on the horse. The horse will kick them and they will knock them off. Toss them to the second floor then, and use the door to go upstairs. Pick them up there.

When they wake up, crouch and get to the door on the top. Exit through the building and you’ll see an enemy leaning on the rail. There will also be some scaffolds to the side.

What you need to do now is to check the statue in the middle. So take out the surrounding enemies as you make your way below.

Three enemies are down here, including a normal one, a Poncho and a Long Coat. There are three more to the other side, but that is not our concern yet.

There are dirt piles to the southeast of the statue. So wait for Poncho and Long Coat to start talking, and jump behind the piles as soon as they do. Have McCoy snipe out the southern tower’s Poncho and deal with the other guys yourself.

Now while you are taking these guys out, take care of the enemies on the other side of planters.

Once you have dealt with the enemies, check out the statue in the middle. A cutscene will be played and you will see a vault raising in the middle of an area.

Getting Cooper Back

So now, you should be first picking up Cooper. He is to the north of the area you are standing, and there are only 2 enemies in between you guys.

So just hide behind the broken wagon and have Kate lure the Long Coat up. Next, toss McCoy’s bag near the tree to lure the normal enemy and knock him off too. Finally, go and get Cooper.

Having Cooper on your side, head back to the statue’s location. You need to get Hector inside now, so jump back down to him. Keep avoiding the Poncho and Scaffolds there.

Get back to the barn area and go north. There will be a Poncho ahead of you and one enemy sitting next to the tents.

There are two more Ponchos to the left and to the right. A long coat will be patrolling the left side and 3 more enemies around the bridge. And finally, one normal enemy to the far north who moves left and right.

Opening the Vault

So first, head towards the enemy who is sitting down. Get Hector behind the white tents and place the trap. Whistle to bring him over and take him down. Next, send Kate behind the blue tents and get her to toss a perfume vial on the Poncho around. Take out the Poncho then and hide the body.

Now you need to get Hector to the bushes to the northern hole to take down the patrolling Long Coat. However, you can’t do this due to being in sight of the enemy to the north. So get Kate to toss the vial and move Hector to the dirt pile during that. From there, he can stab the enemy easily.

Once the northern enemy is down, take out the Long Coat too. Next, you need to kill the enemies on the bridge. Kill the one in the middle of the bridge by having Kate throw a knife at him and have Hector kill the other one.

Now there are enemies in the hole. You can take them easily if you let each of your characters get one of them. Pick up the disguise for Kate after dealing with them, and then head north.

Enter the northern area being crouched, and leave Cooper near the entrance.

Go towards the left side and there will be three enemies in the middle of the area. There is also another on top of a scaffold to the northwest. So have Cooper toss a coin to lure the middle 3, and get the northwestern one shot by McCoy meanwhile.

Next, kill the one next to the tent, and move Cooper and McCoy towards the north.

Then, shoot the Poncho by McCoy’s sniper and take out the one near the wagon by having Cooper throw a knife at him. Meanwhile, also get Hector to shoot the 3 in the middle using his shotgun.

Once they are all down, check out the chest to the left. Finally, go outside and move south towards the statue. Go all the way back to the other side and you will see 2 enemies up here.

So go down the chairs crouching, and jump into the bushes.

Go south from here while sticking to the wall, and enter the door. Go straight to the tap and take both of the guys.

Next to one of the enemies is a flying-killing box. Use the box too and whistle to alert the enemies. They will all start coming to the top, and you can take them easily from the top.

Now there is another Poncho to the southwestern corner near the door we used to get up here. 3 patrolling men can see him, so wait for them to pass and take the Poncho out.

Next, un-blind the Poncho to the south and whistle to lure the northern enemy towards you.

Follow the northern wall from here and kill the Poncho beside the wall. Also, kill the other Poncho to the south from here.

Next, kill the Ponchos to the south, leaving those who are checking out the vault. And finally, have McCoy snipe these two too.

Finally, have McCoy break the vault open to conclude the Desperados III Late to the Party DLC mission.