Desperados 3 Kate O’Hara Skills Guide

Kate O’Hara is a very skilled and elusive character who makes her first appearance in the ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ mission in Desperados 3. In this guide, we’ll walk you through all of Desperados 3 Kate O’Hara Skills so you’ll understand how to play her in the game.

At first glance, she may not seem all that interesting, but she has quite a few tricks up her sleeve as we will explain when talking about these Kate O’Hara abilities.

Desperados 3 Kate O’Hara Skills

You’ll first encounter Kate as she’s about to tie the knot with Mayor Higgins in the fourth mission of the game: Until Death Do Us Part.

Do note that you won’t be able to use her in every single mission from thereon. In a few missions, you’ll be forced to use a different character.

Kate may seem like a weak character at first, but when you use her in a team, she quickly shows how useful she really is and her following list of abilities will show you why.

Passive Abilities

Kate possesses 2 HP on Desperado difficulty, 3 HP on normal difficulty and 4 HP on low difficulty.

Because of Kate’s comparatively lower strength, she is unable to lift dead bodies. Instead, she can drag them slowly while she’s crouched.

In some instances, this may serve as a benefit considering the cover crouching gives you.

Kate is unable to swim and cannot climb up ivy and ropes, but she can climb ladders.

One thing to note about Kate is that she’s the only character in Desperados 3 that does not have a lethal takedown.

Active Skills

Kate’s Kick ability basically takes the place of her non-existing lethal takedown. With this move, she can stun her targets.

However, there is a bit of a problem here as she doesn’t have a rope; meaning, she can’t tie the stunned target down.

To compensate for this weakness of hers, you can do a few things:

  • Have another teammate tie the target up.
  • Try to finish off the target yourself.
  • Run away. If you weren’t seen before or during the kick, the stunned target won’t be alarmed after they wake up.

This Kick has a range of 1.2, a noise radius of 3 and takes 3 seconds to perform.

Derringer Pocket Pistol
With her Derringer Pocket Pistol, Kate can take out targets from a short-medium range. The best thing about this weapon is how quiet it is. It’s not fully silenced, but it’s as close as can be.

There is an ammo limit to this weapon and its reloading time is six seconds. You can acquire more ammo for it from the supply crates, whose locations can be seen on the maps in the world atlas.

Perfume Vial
Kate’s Perfume Vial is a throwable weapon which, on contact with a target, makes them sneeze and blinds them for a short period of time.

Even when the blindness ends, the target goes into an irritated yellow state temporarily.

This skill has a range of 12 and the blindness lasts for 4 seconds. You can use it as many times as you want, but it has a 10 second cooldown timer after each use.

Disguise is easily Kate’s best skill. The character basically revolves around this skill.

You can trick guards, thugs and ponchos with your disguise and pretty much go wherever you want. Only Long Coats and Guard Dogs will know it’s you.

Do note that this skill can only be activated if you start by obtaining a disguise. Press G to put on the disguise.

What makes this skill even better is that Kate can flirt with a guard while wearing a disguise and distract him as long as you keep the flirt up.

With this, you can make the guards come with you or you can have them look in a specific direction for as long as you want.

Flirt and Disguise go hand in hand. The Flirt skill can only be used if Kate is under a disguise. If you flirt with a person, they will fully focus on Kate and disregard their surroundings.

This is a great skill if Kate is traveling with another character, as she can distract a guard and allow the other character to make their move.

Flirting can’t be done on Long Coats, females or ponchos.