Desperados 3 John Cooper Skills Guide

John Cooper is the face of the Desperado franchise and makes a return in the latest one. He is quite a character and you will see him as the leader to your pack. We have prepared for you a detailed guide on all the Desperados 3 John Cooper Skills, so let’s get into it right away.

Desperados 3 John Cooper Skills

You will come to know of Cooper as a wandering bounty hunter. He will face many bounty missions as well as some other interesting quests as well.

You can play as John from the start of the game with the first mission but this is the story of a young John Cooper, without his weapon and gunslinging skills. But when the second mission starts you will get the adult Cooper.

Active Skills

In close combat, Cooper uses knife to effectively kill enemies. His knife attack lasts for 2 seconds and may also create some noise for other enemies nearby to hear.

You will see the area of noise displayed by a blue circle when you attack an enemy with knife.

One other thing that the knife can be used for is interacting with different environmental elements of the game like when you want to cut a rope.

When you are wielding a knife but you encounter an enemy that you do not want to kill then just press the right key and Cooper will use fists to knock the enemy down.

Throwing Knife
Another important and handy ability of Cooper is his knife throwing skill. This is to be used when you want to kill an enemy from a distance, similarly with the melee knife attack you will see a blue circle when you plan to attack an enemy by throwing knife. This blue circle will tell you how much the noise will spread.

One thing to keep in mind and you will notice yourself is that the throwing knife creates double the noise than when killing enemies by melee.

Where melee attack lasts 2 seconds, the throwing knife attack lasts for 4 seconds and this makes it more likely to getting noticed by other enemies.

Also, another important detail is that Cooper only has one knife and when you throw a knife at an enemy you have to go to the dead body and retrieve the knife in order to use it again.

There are a couple of revolvers that Cooper carries with himself as well. These revolvers can be activated by pressing F and G.

The use of revolvers is always a last resort for you, as you should always use the sneakier methods to kill so that you do not alert the enemies in the area causing a difficult encounter.

The revolver has a sound radius of 18 and killing an enemy takes 5.1 seconds. But the time is not a big concern here as the radius of the sound is huge and you will alert lots of enemies in the area so only use it in dire situations.

One more thing to keep in mind is that a revolver has only 8 bullets and the ammunition is also limited but, you can find more from the marked locations on the map. Keep in mind that elite troops will need two bullets to die.

Coin Toss
Another very sneaky and useful method to kill an enemy is by doing a fake coin toss.

This is not a direct kill tactic but more of a distracting technique that will get your enemy to look away from their supposed position and make it easier for you to melee them from behind.

Similar to other attacks, when you plan to use the fake coin you will see a blue circle that will tell you the radius of noise that coin will cause. So, the enemy close to coin will get distracted.

This technique is used when you want to go around the enemies or want to change your position but cannot because enemies are looking towards the pathway.

Then you can use the fake coin to distract them and make them look in the direction you want.

A useful technique is that you can throw the coin at any animal like horse or bull standing near enemies.

This will irritate the animal and it will kick the enemy for you and the enemy will be dead on the spot.

You do have an unlimited supply of fake coins but keep in mind that elite troops are more resistant towards these distractions and will look away for only a brief period.


  • John Cooper can pick up the enemy bodies and can move them, so you can hide those away in order to not alert other enemies.
  • Cooper can climb the ropes and ladders.
  • Cooper can also swim.
  • Cooper can punch and knockdown enemies.
  • John Cooper will have 4 HP points at easy level, 3 points at normal difficulty and 2 points at high difficulty