Desperados 3 Isabelle Moreau Skills Guide

Isabelle Moreau is the newest addition to the Desperado family. To introduce you to this new character and all her abilities and skills, we have put together this Desperado 3 Isabelle Moreau Skills Guide.

This Desperado III Isabelle Moreau Guide contains all passive and active abilities of Isabelle including Mind Control and Connect and others as well as way of most effectively using them.

Desperados 3 Isabelle Moreau Skills

Isabelle Moreau is the character with supernatural abilities that you will unlock in the eighth campaign mission Louisiana Voodoo.

Her unique abilities are like nothing ever before and will change your gameplay experience for good.

She has special abilities that let her control enemy units or replicate damage on one unit upon another. Her cat companion Stella distracts enemies while she sneaks away.

Passive Abilities

Isabelle isn’t short changed on passive abilities when it comes to doing any task to complete the mission objectives.

She can Climb ladders, ropes and ivies to overcome obstacles. She can Carry bodies and move at her regular pace. And she can Swim as well to cross any water bodies in her path.

Along with that, Isabelle can make use of Melee Attack to knock out enemies from up close which takes 3.0 seconds to execute or use her sickle to perform a Sickle Attack to kill enemies at the spot, this takes 3.6 seconds to execute. Both attacks have a noise radius of 3.0.

Active Abilities

Mind Control
This is Isabelle’s key move and perhaps her most powerful skill. This enables Isabelle to control enemy units and command them to perform an action for her.

She can order them to move around within a certain range, pick up items and even attack other units.

However, the use of this skill has a heavy price. Each time you use it, Isabelle loses one health point and she can only use it a maximum of three times in one mission.

To use this skill, the target must be within a range of 10.0 to Isabelle and should be in straight line of sight with nothing blocking the path. She fires a dart that puts them under her command.

After this, she can have them move around within a range of 35.0. If they move out of this range, they’ll be free of Isabelle’s Mind Control.

Under influence of mind control, you can have the controlled units move out of the way, pick up mission critical items for you such as keys; without you coming into open sight and even make them shoot or kill other units.

Once they kill another unit, the control will wear off. But when the control is left, the unit will take a moment to come to its senses and you can kill them using another unit in that time.

This ability of Isabelle links the souls of two target units. It is done by firing two special darts, one at each unit, which connects them.

Once connected, both units will take effect of any ailment or damage put on one unit.

For instance, damage put on one will be applied to both or if one unit is blinded, both will be blinded.

But be sure not to expose yourself when firing the dart as the target unit will be alarmed when its hit and you’ll get shot at.

This ability is particularly useful when two enemy units have their range of sight on each other. So, attacking one put you at a risk of being attacked by the other. You can use connect here to kill them simultaneously.

Jimson Weed
Turns out Isabelle can heal herself too. The Jimson Weed ability allows Isabelle to heal herself or any team member in a few moments.

A single use of this ability restores one health point to the unit its used on.

This ability can be used as many times as possible as Isabelle has an infinite supply of Jimson Weed packed with her.

However, it may take a few moments for the healing to happen so it not an on the go healing method. And it takes 10 seconds for it to become available once used, to use this ability again.

Stella the Cat
Everywhere Isabelle goes, her trusted cat Stella comes along and she not just for the show or company.

Isabelle can command Stella to distract enemies that come in the path or whose sight causes distraction.

When Stella is given a target, she goes to it no matter the distance and distracts them; which shortens their vision allowing you to pass or to swiftly attack them.

Stella has a timer after which she retreats and while the enemy is distracted, they will still be able to notice you at a certain distance and sense you if you come from behind.

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