Desperados 3 Hector Mendoza Skills Guide

In this guide for Desperados 3, we will be looking at Hector Mendoza, an expert in setting traps for wild animals and redcoats alike! We will be detailing both the active and passive skills to help you get a quick overview of Hector Mendoza’s skills in Desperados 3.

Desperados 3 Hector Mendoza Skills

Hector is a new playable character in the Desperados universe and we meet the character for the first time in Chapter 3.

He won’t be available in every mission though. Hector Mendoza is an American trapper and former member of Frank’s gang who later joined John Cooper’s gang in Desperados III.

Hector has traps that he can set at key areas to surprise enemies. He also carries an axe for close combat, amongst other weapons. Basically, he is a survivor and is hard to kill.

Active Skills


Hector’s Axe is used for killing enemies in close combat. The best way to use this ability is to initiate it through stealth. As most enemies will be carrying guns, it’s ill advised to charge at them out in the open.

Beware that this attack has a cast time of 2 seconds and creates noise, alerting nearby enemies. This could also be a non-lethal move if the player switches to fists instead.

The most significant benefit of this ability is that Hector is the only one able to defeat Elite Long Coats in close combat.


Hector calls his bear trap Bianca, and even though its name may be sweet, the effect is far from it. Traps kill anyone trapped inside them, can be used against enemies and guard dogs. Long Coats can recognize the trap and avoid it though.

Put your traps in isolated and hidden areas like bushes, and note that they will take seconds to actually kill the opponent and make a huge amount of noise in the process. Hector has only one trap, so he has to recollect it to use it again.


Whistling is a way for Hector to distract guards and call them over to his location. Whistling has an area of effect and all inside that area will be alerted and come to investigate.

Using it with bear traps can prove devastating. Elite enemies won’t be distracted by whistling. This skill has a 6 seconds cooldown.

Sawed-Off Shotgun

A sawed-off shotgun fires in a wide area, which can be devastating in a short area. Often when fired, it is capable of killing all enemies standing in a group. But make sure to position yourself and your shooting direction to do maximum damage.

This is very loud and will likely alert everyone in a large area. Ammo is limited but can be refilled from ammo crates scattered around on the map.

The Good Stuff

This ability lets you heal 4-6 points of your Hector’s health depending on the selected difficulty.

This is enough to almost completely heal Hector and no doubt useful. Although this only works for Hector and can’t be used on anyone else. This skill has a 20-sec cooldown.

Passive Skills

  • Hector can climb ladders.
  • He can carry bodies and can run with them as well.
  • Hector can carry two bodies at once.
  • He has the highest health of all the playable characters.
  • Hector has a lot of strength and can hence better interact with some elements of the environment.
  • He cannot swim and cannot climb ivies and ropes.

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