Desperados 3 Doc McCoy Skills Guide

In this Desperados 3 Doc McCoy Skills guide, we’ll take a detailed look at Doc McCoy’s skills, both active and passive, so that you can make the most out of the Doc.

Desperados 3 Doc McCoy Skills

Doc McCoy is a returning character from the previous Desperados games, who is introduced or reintroduced to us in chapter 2 of the game.

Cooper helps him out and he, in turn, joins the gang. He may not be available in every mission though.

Doc McCoy is a character with a lot of utility in Desperados 3. Depending on the situation, the Doc can heal your team or make deadly poisons for enemies and is even handy with a gun.

Active skills

Syringe and Chloroform

The syringe is the Doc’s close-range weapon. Sneak up on enemies and kill them with this. However, it does make some noise, isn’t very fast and has a 4 second cool down.

The chloroform is the same thing as the syringe; the difference being that it is the non-lethal stealth takedown for the Doc.

Colt Buntline Special

This is Doc’s special revolver, fitted with a scope that lets him take out enemies from great ranges. Ideal for dealing with enemy snipers before the fighting begins or to cover your team from a safe distance.

The best way to use this ability is to look for high places where Doc can get a height advantage. After you use the ability, you have to move the scope and stop it on the enemy, indicated by a straight line in a green radar layout in front of Doc.

Elite long coats will not die from the shot but will be temporarily stunned, then regain most of their health and be alerted. The gun has limited ammo, which can be refilled from crates around the map.

The Doctor’s Bag

This bag does two things. Firstly, any enemies whose line of sight this bag appears in will immediately go and investigate. Secondly, once they open the bag, all enemies in close proximity around the bag are blinded.

Though this doesn’t affect opponents in ponchos and Long Coat enemies, they will just ignore the bag. Doc has only one bag, so to use it again, he must retrieve it.

Swamp Gas Vial

This bottle, when thrown, stuns all enemies in the blast radius, highlighted in red.

This may stun them or put them to sleep, but it is better to quickly hogtie them so even if they do recover, they are useless to do anything. Doc will have a very limited supply, so use this sparingly.


With unlimited use, the Doc can heal any team member for 2 health points using this skill. The only catch is that once used, it will take 20 seconds to be reusable again.

Passive skills

  • The Doc can climb ladders.
  • Doc may carry bodies, but he gets very slow and has to crouch.
  • Doc can also open locks, anytime there is a lock that he can open nearby, the game will give a prompt. A good way to avoid looking for keys.
  • Doc cannot swim, and cannot use vines or ropes to climb.

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