Desperados 3 Dirt and Blood Walkthrough

Desperados 3 Dirt and Blood is the final episode of Chapter 2 in the game and our walkthrough will lead you every step of the way so let’s get started.

Desperados 3 Dirt and Blood

The following map should come in handy to help you out with navigation and mission objectives in Dirt and Blood in Desperados 3

First Hold
The first area has a couple of Longcoats, Gunmen, Ponchos and a Dog. To start off, you must take out the dog.

Remember, the dog can smell you from behind walls, so you must be very careful when killing the dog.

To kill it, you need to use Hector to whistle and call the dog while you have Cooper come up from behind and kill it.

Get cover on the left side, send Cooper into the alley left side of the hold back in the corner where the dog won’t see him when you lure it out.

Have Hector stand as far in the whistle range from dog and as soon as you whistle, move Hector away so it doesn’t get sighted. When the dog comes out, quickly have Cooper close in and kill it.

Now you must start killing the men one by one. Set a trap on the front gate by the cart and whistle to call the gunman into the trap; move his body once killed.

The next couple of kills are a bit tricky. There are three people up on the roof, a Longcoat in the middle of the hold, one man running by and two on the far-right gate that overlook the area inside.

All of these have sights over each other and spanning the area.

You need to look for windows of opportunity to take out one man at a time when all sights are off him and you have enough time to complete the kill without coming into sight.

Use the ladder on the far side to kill the man that run through the area. Wait for him to come underneath then jump on him.

To kill the longcoat in the center, you must use Hector to come up on him from cover in the bushes there. When doing so, you must distract the gunmen on the roof by throwing a coin.

Now take both Cooper and Hector to get up on the roof using the door while Kate waits far behind in cover.

Kill all three on the roof and then come down from the door on the other side. Kill all men standing outside simultaneously; won’t be hard because no one is looking.

Proceed ahead towards the next area. To quickly move ahead, you must avoid unnecessary skirmishes. This way you will move ahead from the shortest possible route.

To cross this area, you must go through the market and come out on the same street on the right side.

To make your way there, you’ll have to cleverly kill all men in the path including the 2 civilians that you must knock out. Place the bodies far from the dog’s route as he’ll smell them and you’ll be revealed.

Cross the gunman on the balcony by throwing a coin to distract him and have Kate distract the rest; quickly move ahead as you’ll have a slim window of opportunity here.

Second Hold
Now you’ll find yourself outside another hold with a man sleeping outside on the street. The path ahead is closed so you have no choice but to make way from inside the hold.

Enemies from this street won’t bother you, so you can easily rest and device a plan there, except for the longcoat inside the hold there, he would come out in the street every few moments.

Where you crossed the man on the balcony, you now have to eliminate him and go across him on the street going rightwards to go through the hold.

Get a man on the balcony using the door beneath it and kill the guy.

By now you must have had a hang of how this goes. Use Cooper and Hector in coordination to clear this fort.

If you want to play safe, have Hector place traps strategically then whistle to call accessible enemies one by one to get killed by the trap placed in their path.

Similarly, you should use Cooper coin toss to distract enemies as he makes his move and have him throw knife wherever enemies are inaccessible.

Kate will also play her part nonetheless. You can use her to blind enemies using her ability or make her distract them by talking to them, completely averting their sight.

As you make your way through this hold, you’ll come out in front of the Docks. Here, you’ll find a number of enemies in close quarters, a longcoat marching in the center and two gunmen overlooking the entire area from the far-right side.

Cooper can handle the situation in the middle while Hector takes care of the overlook on the right. Let Kate distract the unavoidable sights.

Coopers knife throw will come in handy as the enemies give very short windows of sight to eliminate. You’ll have to be quick or you’ll get sighted.

When done, move on to the objective location, its right outside. From here, Cooper will continue alone.

The Ship
The next objective is to go face Frank who is on the right end of the ship. Carefully make your way through the ship, use gunshots where you have to eliminate two enemies at once.

Once you get on the ship, you’ll get plenty of cover to sneak up on the enemies and easily eliminate them.

Once all are killed, head on to the right side of the ship to face Frank and end Dirt and Blood mission.

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