Desperados 3 Difficulty Settings

Desperados 3 requires real-time quick decisions to be made if you wish to get through it. As this not the cup of tea for all players, this game, like all others, has different difficulty levels. This guide will go over all the Desperados 3 Difficulty Settings and discuss the main difference between all the difficulty levels.

On top of the difficulty options available in Desperados III, you also have the choice to enable cheats and make gameplay even easier if you are struggling.

Desperados 3 Difficulty Settings

To start with, players should be informed that the game has 4 difficulty levels, Beginner, Normal, Hard and Desperado, to start with.

Unlike most games, you DO NOT need to complete the campaign to unlock the hardest difficulty. This means you can start the game at Desperado if you want.

It is recommended that new players, without sufficient knowledge of maps of the game, start the game in either Normal or Hard difficulty if they are looking for a challenge.

Desperado difficulty is NOT recommended for the first playthrough. You can however change the difficulty of each mission at the start, meaning that you are not forced to play the entire game at the same difficulty level.

Each level or mission in the game has specific badges for playing the game at different difficulty levels, except for Beginner difficulty.

To earn badges, you need to be at least on Normal difficulty. Each stage has exactly 1 challenge to complete on a high difficulty level.

The game has a Showdown mode. This allows you to freeze time to plan your movements when the alarm goes off.

This feature is NOT available in Desperado difficulty. This means that players used to the Showdown mode need to adapt in the highest difficulty.

The one thing constant between all the difficulties is that the saves you can make is unlimited.

This means that you can save your game whenever and wherever you like to make your encounters easy and you can simply reload the save if you mess up the encounter.

With all this out of the way, let us look at the core differences between all the four difficulty levels in Desperados III.

Differences between Difficulties

How many enemies appear on the map? Lesser amount of opponents Standard amount of enemies More opponents than usual More opponents than usual
How many health points do heroes have? Hector – 6 Others – 4 Hector – 5 Others – 3 Hector – 4 Others – 2 Hector – 4 Others – 2
How much ammo / limited supplies do the heroes have? Cooper – 8 McCoy – 5 Hector – 4 Kate – 5 Isabelle – 4 Cooper – 8 McCoy – 4 Hector – 3 Kate – 4 Isabelle – 3 Cooper – 6 McCoy – 3 Hector – 2 Kate – 3 Isabelle – 3 Cooper – 4 McCoy – 2 Hector – 2 Kate – 2 Isabelle – 3
How many supply crates are available on the map? Cooper – 6 McCoy – 4 Hector – 4 Kate – 4 Isabelle – 2 Cooper – 6 McCoy – 3 Hector – 2 Kate – 3 Isabelle – 2 Cooper – 4 McCoy – 3 Hector – 2 Kate – 2 Isabelle – 2 Cooper – 2 McCoy – 2 Hector – 1 Kate – 2 Isabelle – 2
What is the hero detection speed of enemies? Normal – 0.7 Alarm – 0.9 Normal – 1.0 Alarm – 1.4 Normal – 2.8 Alarm – 3.5 Normal – 10 Alarm – 10
How many save games you can make? No restrictions No restrictions No restrictions No restrictions
Does the game allow you to pause gameplay in Showdown Mode? Yes Yes Yes No

Other notes for players to know are:

  • On Beginner difficulty, not only are enemies lesser than usual, but also there are also lesser Elite enemies, like Ponchos and Long Coats. As the number of total enemies increase, the ratio of Elite enemies also increases, making the game harder as it should.
  • A higher detection speed means that enemies can spot your controlled hero faster. For the basic 3 difficulties, the difference is not that great, but has a significant change from Hard to Desperados difficulty.

Custom Difficulty
An interesting feature that Desperados 3 offers that player can design their custom difficulty, as they like.

When selecting the difficulty level, you can click on the “Show Details” button to expand all details associated with the difficulty level. This allows player to modify the setting of the selected difficulty.

Players can set all the aspect of the game to their choice like Enemy Count, Player Health and whether to activate Showdown mode or not the aspects players can modify are as follows:

  • Enemy Setups: You can setup how many enemies will be spawned on the map and how many of them will be Elite enemies in Poncho and Long Coats.
  • Player Health: You can determine the health bar size of all heroes.
  • Player Ammo: You can determine how much ammunition and limited skills your heroes can have at their disposal when mission starts and how much supplies can be found in the crates scattered around the map.
  • Detection Speed: You can determine how fast opponents can detect team members.
  • Number of Saves: You can determine how many save games you can make during the mission. The default value is Unlimited, but you can also disable this feature completely or allow a couple of saves.
  • Pause During Showdown Mode: You can set whether the game should stop the time after switching on the Showdown Mode. This makes it possible to plan the actions of heroes.

This is all players need to know about the difficulties of the Desperados 3. Hopefully, this guide was helpful in understanding the basic mechanics of the game for new and existing players of the game

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