How to Fix Desperados 3 Crashes, FPS and Performance Issues

Desperados 3 is available now on PC, a release that didn’t come without some minor crashes, errors, and bugs. We’ve collected a list of all known issues and some fixes you can try to make your playthrough smoother and error-free.

Desperados 3 Crash on Startup

The main cause of this issue is related to your GPU. The first thing you’ll want to do is checked if your graphic’s card has all latest drivers installed. If all is set, try running the game on windowed mode, as there could be an issue with fullscreen. If you see that the game runs correctly like this, you can switch back to fullscreen at any time. The developers have also posted a possible solution on this. You can install the Windows Media Feature Package from Microsoft .

If this doesn’t help, you can delete the two .mp4 files located here: <desperados_install_folder>\Desperados III_Data\StreamingAssets\bootup\ After that you should be able to reach the main menu of the game. You can find the <desperados_install_folder> by opening the “Properties” window for the game (right-click on the listing in your library), go to the “Local Files” tab and click on “Browse local files”.

Desperados 3 In-Game Crashes, Low FPS, Freezes

If your crashes happen randomly in-game, the first thing you can test is your graphics settings. For starters, turn off Anti-aliasing, as it can cause some hiccups and low FPS if you play on a mid-end system. Testing different graphics settings will provide you with the best choice for your PC, so you don’t have to turn everything to low, for low FPS and freezes to stop.

In case you’re 100% sure that there’s no issue with your GPU, open Task Manager and check whether or not your CPU and memory usage is at its maximum. If that applies to you then close all unnecessary programs and browsers and end all relevant processes.

Black Screen

Much like in-game crashes, black screens are caused due to your GPU not being able to render graphics onto the screen. If that applies to you, check if you meed the minimum requirements, update your drivers, and test graphics settings to find which remove the issue. You can also try to run the game with administrator rights and verify the game files by right-clicking on the game, selecting properties and then local files. Click on Verify Game Files and launch the game once more.

No Sound

Starting off with the obvious solutions, make sure your output devices are set properly. Make sure you have the correct one selected and the volume is not at 0%. If you’re using Sonic or AMD audio extensions, disable them and check whether or not it solves the issue. You can also restart your PC, sometimes it fixes issues magically.

If you’re experiencing more specific errors and crashes in Desperados 3, you can head to the game’s Steam discussion tab. There, the developers at Mimimi Games have opened a bug reporting thread, in which you can state your issue for the team to look into.

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