Desperados 3 Burn the Queen Walkthrough

Burn the Queen, the tenth mission in Desperados 3, drops you in an area covered in marshlands where you have to rescue Wayne and then set fire to a large steamer called the ‘Queen’.

Burn the Queen mission has a lot of intricacies and knowing everything about it before attempting it will make your playthrough infinitely easier. To help you easily complete this mission and all its challenges, we’ve prepared this guide to walk you through each step.

Desperados 3 Burn the Queen

Burn the Queen will take you to an area filled with marshlands which your team has to infiltrate during the night.

Your team will be split into two and these two sub-teams will enter these marshlands from the opposite sides of the map.

This means that in this mission, you have to first reunite your team and then progress further together.

Playable Characters

  • Isabelle: She’s located in the south-east section of the map.
  • Hector: He’s also located in the south-east section of the map.
  • Cooper: He’s located in the western section of the map.
  • McCoy: He’s also located in the western section of the map.

So, your two teams will be Isabelle/Hector and Cooper/McCoy.

This marshland brings quite a few annoyances with it. First of all, there are small pools of water all around the map.

When you step on them, they’ll make noise and may alert the hostiles in the area. Try to not step on these at all; but if you have no other choice, then crouch when stepping on the water to avoid creating noise.

Because of all the mud here, you will leave a trail of footsteps wherever you go. These footsteps can be seen by hostiles who will then follow them until they reach the final footstep.

Do your best to avoid areas covered in mud. Do note that if you play very smart, you can use these footsteps to bait hostiles into heading into a completely different direction than where you’re going. This is especially useful to avoid Long Coats.

Mission Objectives

  • There is a little village located at the very center of the map, in which innocent people are trapped inside cells. Your first objective is to eliminate the guards and then unlock these cells using McCoy’s lockpicks. The most important person trapped inside these cages will be Wayne, who you need to bring to an extraction point.
  • The ‘Queen’ named in the title of this mission is actually a huge steamer located in the northern section of this map. Your objective for the Queen is to use the oil barrel on the ship to light it on fire and get rid of it.

Get to the Village and Regroup

Hector and Isabelle
The first enemies you’ll face in this mission will be a sentry accompanied by a guard dog, along with an enemy who’s dozed off. As you approach them, remember to be wary of your surroundings and not step into water.

There will also be a couple of bandits, who you can take care of using your bear snares. Put the snares on the guard’s path and then use Hector’s whistle to lure the sleepy hostile into them.

After that, kill the guard dog by sneaking up behind its back to not have it bark and make noise.

After that, travel towards the north and you’ll find the remains of a ship. There will be a lot of hostiles here so traverse very carefully.

The most dangerous enemy here is the one on top of the ship, as he has an abnormally large field of view.

Try getting rid of the Long Coat first using the aforementioned footprints trick. Lead him into an area where you can kill him without alerting anyone.

Now, move towards the north-west. You’ll see an ivy here which Isabelle can climb. Go up it and push off the boulder to kill a few hostiles easily. You can then use Hector to kill the enemies that get alerted.

When you finally reach the village with Hector and Isabelle, make sure to eliminate the Long Coat there to make this process easier for McCoy and Cooper.

Cooper and McCoy
The spawn point of Cooper and McCoy has way more hostiles than where Hector and Isabelle spawned.

Furthermore, this area is much more enclosed, meaning it’ll be even harder to make your way through it.

The first hostile you need to kill is the guard behind you. Distract him with the medical bag and kill him.

Then, you need to eliminate the sniper on top of the building to the right. McCoy’s Buntline pistol is the best way to do this.

There will be another sniper coming from the bridge above. Kill him when he’s distant from the other trio of snipers.

Once you do that, move towards the bridges there and kill the three snipers there.

After that, move towards the southeast and you’ll encounter three hostiles and a dog to your left, but you can simply just ignore them and wait till you can move on.

Move forward and you will come across two more hostiles and a Long Coat towards the far right.

Since you can’t eliminate a Long Coat using Cooper and McCoy, move past him using the upper pathway and meetup with the rest of the team at the southern section of this village.

Free Wayne From the Village
Now that you’ve regrouped with the whole squad, make your way towards the southern section of the village where you’ll find Wayne.

The hostile you need to get rid of here first is the sniper stationed on the roof of a little tower.

You can use McCoy’s gun to take him down, but this will alert at least one or two other hostiles in the area.

The safest way to eliminate him is by hiding in a bush near him and using mind control.

You can persuade him to get down from his tower and move to an empty area where you can easily take him down.

You have to now focus on the two hostiles towards the area on the left. You can use a nifty trick to take them down.

As they meet up and start to talk with each other, use Hector and get under the balcony and interact with it to collapse it, taking both of them down with it.

There will be some more hostiles in this area. Most of these can be taken out easily, but the poncho needs to be taken out stealthily.

The best way to take him out is to knife him from the back and dispose of his body.

Now, make your way towards the cells. There will be a Long Coat, two ponchos and a guard dog here.

After you clear up the area, use McCoy to unlock the cells and free Wayne. Unlock all of them to complete a challenge of this mission.

Burn the Queen
Now that Wayne is with you, your final objective of this mission is to Burn the Queen. The Queen is a large steamer which can be found in the northern section of the map.

The best way to go about getting on the ship is to use Isabelle or Cooper to sneak up on the ladder present on the eastern side of the ship.

After going up this ladder, go further up using the ivy to get to the upper decks.

Once you’re at the top of the steamer, shoot the sniper using Buntline as he’s facing way from you.

There will be another hostile in the upper deck area who you can take out easily.

For the ponchos below you, toss the planks to take them out without alerting anyone.

Now, eliminate all the enemies from the eastern side of this ship and head to the extraction point.

The barrel that you need to burn down the ship is located on the deck furthest up.

There will be a Long Coat there and if you attack him, more hostiles will come in from the north.

What you need to do is bait in the hostiles up north first into the area to your right.

Use Showdown Mode to plan out how you’re going to deal with them. Remember to loot the two ammo boxes guarded by the final enemy up north.

Now, get on top of the ship using Hector and eliminate the solo Long Coat.

Then, you can strike the barrel and spill the oil. Grab the burning torches and toss them on the oil to Burn the Queen and finish this objective of the mission.

Finally, hop on the small ship and leave this area and complete this mission.

Desperados 3 Burn the Queen Challenges

This mission contains 8 badges. All the challenges can be completed on your initial playthrough. Do note that the difficulty has to be on normal or above to complete the challenges.

Kill Everyone Except for Civilians
This challenge can be done very easily. You just have to kill all the enemies you see on the map.

Don’t Step on Loud Surfaces
This challenge seems pretty simple at first glance. However, it becomes significantly more intimidating when you realize that you won’t be prompted when you’ve made a sound.

Meaning, you’ll have to wait till the end of the mission to even know whether you’ve completed the challenge or not.

What you need to do is avoid any area having water at all costs. This will take out a lot of the pathways for you, making this mission much more difficult. But hey, it’s called a challenge after all.

Open All Cages
Very easy challenge. When you’re in the village and about to free Wayne, just open all the cages instead of opening just the one with Wayne in it.

No Knockouts or Melee Kills Except for Isabelle
Use your other characters to distract the hostiles and then kill them using Isabelle. Connection is the best way to take care of hostiles using Isabelle. Mostly due to the fact that there’s not limit to how much you can use it.

Since Isabelle is unable to kill Long Coats, you have to just avoid them altogether. In fact, try to sneak past as many enemies as you can and only fight when you need to.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that Isabelle has to be the one to throw the torch on the Queen. This will guarantee that no hostiles die through the actions of another character.

Complete the Mission on Hard Difficulty
You should attempt the mission on hard difficulty in your initial playthrough. Since this doesn’t have a time limit, you can save as many times as you want; making this challenge relatively easy.

Hide all bodies in bushes, wells, houses, etc.
To see all the bushes, wells and building entrances, press the highlight button. This will help you out a lot in completing this challenge.

Try not to kill the hostiles by staging accidents, like dropping boulders or collapsing bridges. This will make it harder for you to hide their bodies.

Speedrun: Complete the Mission in Under 15 Minutes
You need to attempt the mission on normal difficulty and only fight hostiles that you absolutely need to get rid of to progress further. Don’t waste time with hostiles that don’t even matter in the long run