Desperados 3 Beginner’s Tips

Desperados III provides you with unique characters, and a set of new mechanics, along with ones improved upon from its predecessors. With these Desperados 3 Beginner’s Tips, we will be exploring the things you should know before you set foot in the dangerous wild west.

Desperados 3 Beginner’s Tips

Before starting your outlaw journey through the wild west in Desperados III, keep the following tips in mind

Take your time understanding how the game works before you decide to jump into harder difficulty.

If you’re new to the series, it would be an optimal experience for you to choose the Normal difficulty.

Know that playing the game on Easy difficulty will restrict you from being able to complete challenges.

Normal is perfectly fine, while the High difficulty level is for seasoned players who have played the previous entries in the series and are well aware of the game’s mechanics.

Try, Try and Try Again
The game’s definitely going to start out to be a bit difficult, and you might find yourself failing a little bit too hard.

To overcome this difficulty curve, you can use the quick save in Desperados III. If you fail, just load up from your recent save. Make this a habit so you can avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Convenient for you, the game will more often than not remind you after a while to save up your game.

Highlight Objects and Pay Attention!
Highlight any and all interactive objects you come across in the game, as it can be easy to miss key items during your playthrough.

Keep an eye out for opponents, special places, and interactive objects.

Rotate your camera, you have a three-dimensional view of your surroundings, so utilize it to make your life easier.

It’ll help you get better camera angles, and allow you to spot items that you may not have otherwise.

Every Character is Unique
You will be pitted against different situations in the world of Desperados III. You are required to think on your toes, and for different scenarios.

It’s best that you employ various characters you have at your disposal.

  • Cooper can be used pretty well in most situations. He’s good for both ranged and close-quarters combat.
  • Doc McCoy is good at long-range shooting and taking enemies out from a distance easily.
  • Hector excels at close-ranged combat, he can take out enemies using his axe in no time.
  • Kate is a manipulator who can seduce enemies and assassinate them.
  • Isabelle is a character who can use mind control to take out her enemies.

Showdown Mode
You feel like pausing the game, and just catching a little breath while you assess your options? Well, luckily, Desperados III provides you with the Showdown mode.

Take a step back, and analyze the possibilities to come up with the best plan to ensure the best outcome.

You will not be able to access this in Hardcore difficulty.

Your Enemies are Unique
Not everyone in Desperados 3 acts the same way. A distraction that may work on one enemy, may not work at all on the other.

Regular enemies may fall for the oldest tricks in the books, but those poncho-wearing boys aren’t going to be easily manipulated.

Long Coats are even tougher, and can only be taken down by Hector with his axe.

Understand your Surroundings
It’s a good idea to plan out your approach as comprehensively as possible, doing so is not only satisfying but executing flawless strategies will ultimately reward you more heavily in the long run of the game.

Try to predict enemy movement and position your characters accordingly, utilize the showdown mode as stated above, and come up with a feasible strategy to take down the opposition.

Use the ‘speed up time’ option to make enemies walk faster, allowing you to quickly watch their patrol routes without having to wait annoyingly long.

Stealth is Key
If you happen to alert a guard, you’re in for a heck of a ride. The best thing you can do is to keep an eye out for the enemy’s line-of-sight which is indicated by cones around the map.

Avoid taking down any enemies present within the line-of-sight of other enemies.

Hide the bodies! It’s important that you dispose of all bodies, you don’t want anyone to walk into them and alert everyone as a result. Better safe than sorry!

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