Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Vanishing Act Guide

In this guide, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Vanishing Act and how to best to complete this challenge.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Vanishing Act

In Desperado 3’s Baron Challenge: Vanishing act, our objective is to Kill this merchant next to the wagon and bring his body back to the graveyard from which we started. Let’s look at how to go about completing this.


Firstly, you can acquire a disguise for Kate from the bar on the western side of town if you want. Starting, you will have Poncho and Long Coat just outside the Church.

Kill them both using McCoy and Hector and hide their bodies. You can use Showdown mode to kill them at the same time.

You will find another enemy in the street, which you can take out by playing a trick.

The trick uses the Whistle and trap combo with Hector to take out lured enemies. Beware the enemy that is near the fence. Hide Kate before killing them and kill them separately.

After killing them, kill the Poncho man in the corner. South of him is an enemy in black dress and another one who is demolishing a building.

After killing him, don’t forget to hide the bodies in the bushes.

In between the coffins is a black dress man which you have to take out next. Use Hector for that because he can run and throw the bodies as well.

After killing them both, you can go south and kill the guy on the left side.

Kill him along with another enemy and hide their bodies.

Head South

Now, it’s time to head south. The southern part is a bit difficult since you have to deal with a lot of enemies.

You’ll have to play carefully to kill enemies here. Enter Hector in the front building from the small opening.

After you pass the red line in the ground, you have to be extra careful. Kill the enemy next to the entryway and move forward.

Watch out for the patrolling enemies in the south. This enemy will automatically come to you.

You just have to hide yourself in the northeastern corner of the roofless room. This enemy will come patrolling there. Kill him as he approaches the center of the room.

After killing the enemy, you have to move back to the place you killed the first enemy.

Here you will encounter a yellow enemy, which you can take out by using whistle. Lure whistle and will came behind the wall you can kill him there.

Whistle and kill

Now head to the roofless room, whistle and trap. This technique can kill several enemies there. However, the Ponchos will not come to you.

There is an enemy in the green leaning on the wall and another one dressed in white patrolling the west. The white one will come to talk to the green. You can kill them both using Hector’s whistle and trap combo.

After taking those out, let Hector get back to the main street and you should enter the Southern area.

Now we have to take out few enemies. To the south, there is an enemy who is patrolling. This enemy will talk with the long coat giving you an opportunity.

Use whistle and kill him when he approaches you; after that, kill the long coat as well. Another enemy is leaning on the wagon to the right side.

After taking those out, you can now start to lure  remaining enemies using the Whistle and trap combo. Kill them when they come and watch out for civilians in the southwest.

There are two enemies working on a wagon in the center of the crossroads. You can use the whistle to lure the one in the corner and kill him. Lure the other enemy as well and kill him.

Wrapping up

Now it’s time to kill the remaining enemies. Get on the street and use Kate to flirt with the one enemy and kill the remaining two using McCoy and Hector.

Now it’s the time to use McCoy and Hector to kill the Poncho and the merchant in the middle. Now you don’t have to worry about hiding the bodies much.

Kill the merchant and take his body to the graveyard. This is all that you need to know about the Vanishing act Baron Challenge.

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