Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Three Men with No Name Guide

In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Three Men with No Name guide, we will go in-depth to discuss the Three Men with No Name challenge.

The new update of Desperados 3 has introduced Baron’s Challenges to test your strategic thinking abilities. These challenges are alternatives to the missions in the main game.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Three Men with No Name

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Three Men with No Name takes place in the same location as the One Hell of a Night mission. You will be able to play this challenge after you’ve completed Louisiana Voodoo.

You are assigned the task to kill three guards with a pool of replicas on the map. As for the target spots, you will find one of your targets near the house where the plan starts.

The next person is found looking after the docks as a guard.

The last target is located in the opposite direction of the port standing in front of the laundry store. Let’s start with the walkthrough.

The Bank

The mission will start inside a bank where you will meet an enemy that is not harmful at all. This enemy will instruct you about the other enemies that you need to find.

Here are some important tips for you to remember before we start finding and killing enemies.

Important Instructions

Keep in mind that it is not necessary to kill all the enemies that you see.

Your main goal is to kill the three enemies that look like the ones present inside the bank. If you end up taking the wrong corpse to the bank, then it won’t be a problem; you can try again.

For a quick test about your corpse, you should place it inside a bush.

If your corpse vanishes, it is not the one you’re looking for, but if it does not disappear, you can pick it back up.

Like we have mentioned before, three enemies are located around the map.

One enemy is on the road in the southeast direction, the next one is in the northeast direction where we first started, and the last is near the docks towards the northwest.

Leave the Bank

Exit the bank and head towards the south. You have to be mindful of three important enemies. You will find an enemy on the south who will be patrolling the area.

You will find an enemy with a cape in the Northeast direction, and in the open space at the back of the scaffold, you’ll discover an enemy with a Long Coat.

Start by attacking the poncho guy but first wait for the other two to get distracted.

Once the other two guards are faced in the other direction, take your shot by throwing a knife and run back.

Lure an enemy with footprints

Keep an eye out for the next enemy, the one who was guarding around the area.

Once you see him approaching, make sure to leave some footprints behind to lure him towards you.

When he is close enough, make your move and kill him. You can either hide his body or put it in the coffin and continue with the mission.

Use Cooper to make your job easier

There will be two enemies who won’t have an eye on each other. Make sure that the area is clear, and then move towards the western road.

There is no need to follow the road; instead, use cooper to your advantage. Make Cooper climb the ladder near the construction site, where you will see a cabin.

You will find an enemy in the southeast direction and the other one in the west. There will be a third enemy guarding the area between them.

Please wait for the third guard to move towards either one of the enemies and shoot them together.

It would help if you kept the sound radius at a good distance from the enemies in the north and south. If an enemy spots you, then run up to him and kill him with your knife.

You can also make McCoy climb on the wooden platform where you saw the poncho guy and then aim at him. If this enemy spots you, then make sure to eliminate him. Now hide all of these bodies and use the footprint tactic again to attract more enemies.

Head on to the Southeast direction

More enemies await you in the southeast direction. You will now spot an enemy in a corner outside a house.

There will be three enemies wearing yellow, and they will walk down the street.

Stay in a corner and wait for the right time; as soon as this trio gets away, eliminate the long guard in the corner. Now find your target outside a red building and take your shot at him.

Eliminate the Trio in Yellow

Now is the time to kill the trio you saw walking down the street. You will be using Isabelle and Cooper for this job.

Stay hidden in the bushes and wait for the trio to move away from you. Make Isabelle connect to any two of the enemies.

When you’re in the view cone region of these enemies, escape and leave behind some footprints.

The trio will be suspicious and come after the prints. You have to hide in the corner now and when they’re looking in the bushes for you, take your shot with Cooper’s revolvers. Hide these bodies and continue with the mission.

Take out the First Target

Now we know who our target is, the guy in front of the red building. There will be two enemies guarding the area that will approach from the northwest.

You have to use Isabelle’s Mind Control to your advantage now.

You will spot a cow in the middle of the path, use this cow and control his mind using Isabelle. Hide behind this cow and take him to a corner and then eliminate him.

An alternative would be to use Cooper’s coin and lure him with your footprints. He will notice your prints, and then you can kill him in the bushes.

Now it’s time to take out the two enemies walking down the street. Use your footprints to lure them and hide behind the wagon.

They will approach the wagon, you will have a few seconds to connect to them, and when they come out, you can kill them. Now take these bodies to the coffins, and one of the caskets will close.

Head to the Northeast

Head on towards the middle street in the Northeast direction, where you will spot a Long Coat guard.

We have three enemies standing in this area and a Long Coat guarding this area.

Eliminate the Long Coat

Your priority is to kill the Long Coat guard at this point. You will use Cooper or Isabelle once again. Hide either of them inside the bush near the entrance.

Lure the Long Coat guy with footprints and once he runs towards the prints, shoot him when he is at the enemy’s back.

Make sure to stay hidden in the bush and make the person who lures the Long Coat eliminate him as well.

After killing this guard, connect to the other two enemies if an enemy manages to spot crouch and drop a body.

Stay hidden from the enemy on the building at the north.

Climb up with a rope on the side and kill this enemy as well. When there are no enemies left, you can easily kill the remaining enemy.

Eliminate the Trio in the Northwest

Now is the time to kill the fast-moving trio approaching from the northwest direction.

Use Isabelle to climb up the guardhouse by a rope and connect with two of these three guards.

Now make Cooper lure these guards towards open space and hide him in a bush. Once these three guards approach, use two of Cooper’s revolvers to kill this trio.

Also, be mindful of the enemy in the north and keep the sound range low.

You can take this enemy out by the same luring technique.

Use cooper and use a coin to attract his attention, take this enemy out and hide his body.

Move towards the right of the Crossroads

Towards the right of the crossroads, you will find two enemies that you need to kill.

One enemy with a poncho will be inclined with a ladder, while the other will be analyzing the cannon on the road.

Another guy in a cape will be standing towards the right, mind-control this enemy, and take him out of the other Poncho’s range. The guy analyzing the cannon will be alerted, and he will eliminate the enemy under your control.

Now that you have successfully eliminated two enemies, it’s time to kill the cannon enemy. Wait for this enemy to look at the right and get distracted.

Once this person is distracted, use your knife to kill him. Move towards the northeast direction and find a building under construction.

Send McCoy up the ladders near the chest with ammo that he can use.

Eliminate the enemy atop the water tank in the northeast direction. Taking this enemy out clears our way.

Clear out the entrance

You will find an enemy in a poncho guarding the main entrance and another enemy in the north of this enemy.

Your main target is to take these both out first. For this purpose, hide behind the boxes located in the right direction of the cow.

Run out of these boxes and leave some footprints behind.

The foot impressions will attract the enemies to the prints except for the guy in the Poncho. Kill the enemies that get drawn while staying out of the range of the Poncho.

Get past the Door

With the poncho guy protecting the entrance, the only way you can make it through the door is by mind-controlling him.

Take this guy to the corner near the cabin and the tank and target the enemy below.

Wait till the guarding enemies are out of range, and the enemy at the north is distracted, and then take your shot. The enemy at the north will come and kill the enemy under your control.

Now a couple of enemies in this area will be alerted, and you have to wait for them to approach the cabin in the east direction.

Carry these enemies to the southern corner where the wall and the roof will meet.

This corner is a good spot for you to kill enemies while remaining out of their sight.

Two guarding enemies will approach you, kill them while hiding in this corner. Be mindful of the enemy at the south looking towards the north direction. Lure this enemy to the south by using the same old footprint tactic.

Take out the Second Target

Now, you need to clear out the remaining enemies in this area. You will find an enemy who talks to the Long Coat guy frequently.

This enemy is our main target, and to get to him, we need to clear out other enemies first. You will spot an enemy in a poncho observing the area and another enemy walking around in the south.

You can crouch towards this enemy and kill him secretly. For the rest, first, you need to wait for the Log Coat to turn towards the north direction.

When he moves towards your target, you should go to the poncho guy and kill him while the other enemies are distracted. Drag this body in a bush and hide it.

The Long Coat guy might see your footprints and approach you. When he comes, use Cooper and Isabelle to kill him. Now you’re set to take out your main target.

Head back to the Northern Docks

You have to drag this enemy’s body back to the bank and then head towards the docks. This area is the place where you will find your last target.

First of all, exit the bank from the bottom door. Now climb up the ladder to get on top of the cabin.

You will now be able to spot enemies around you. There will be an enemy on the left, another in the corner, and a female enemy guarding the area.

Another enemy is seen working on the fence, while the last one is located in the north.

Lure the enemy on the left to the south and throw a knife at him from a suitable distance. Now head back inside the bank and now use the northern exit.

Repeat the same steps and lure another enemy and kill him. Now you can kill the other three enemies without any distraction.

Move towards The Barn Area

You will find one enemy in this little area in deep slumber and another in a Long Coat near him.

You can use this chance to kill the enemy in sleep. Now make either Cooper or Isabelle wait behind the fence on the roof and use McCoy to kill the Long Coat guy.

Make sure to keep out of sight of the enemy patrolling the northern section. Hide the body and lure the enemy in the center. Make sure that you find the center enemy alone and kill him.

Repeat these steps with the remaining three enemies.

Use McCoy and Isabelle by moving them on the roof. With the help of McCoy and Isabelle, you can take the enemies out easily.

Moving on, you will find some chests for Cooper and McCoy to use ammo. You can make Cooper jump into the water and swim to the dock where he will find an enemy.

Wait for this enemy to move to the east so you can climb up the ladder and eliminate the enemy.

Toss this body into the water and run in the right direction. Now, take down the enemy that’s strolling around.

You will also locate a guy in Poncho in the northeast direction.

Make Isabelle and Cooper hide behind the boxes nearby once the enemy approaches, toss a coin to this enemy’s right, and kill him when you get the chance.

Take out the Last Target

Your final target is the guy accompanied by two Long Coat enemies. We have to take these guards out before getting rid of the Last Target.

Send McCoy to the spot where Isabelle and Cooper are standing.

Now, mind control your target from behind the boxes and move him to a good distance from the west.

Stay hidden on the northern side and stay out of view. The Long Coat enemies will accompany your target at all times.

When these enemies are out of the way, lure your enemy to the northeast direction with your footprints.

Once everyone is out of sight, make McCoy throw a vial towards them. The vial will knock out the target, and the Long Coat guys will be on their knees.

Run towards them and take them out. You can also make Cooper shoot them from the back, make Isabelle disconnect, and then kill the enemies yourself.

Take this body back to the bank and toss it in the casket. The killing of this last target wraps up the tedious Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Three Men with No Name.

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