Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: The Devil is in the Details Guide

Desperados 3 consists of a group of challenges called the Baron Challenges. This Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: The Devil is in the Details guide walks you through the hardest and the lengthiest challenge of them.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: The Devil is in the Details

You’ll start the Baron Challenge: The Devil is in the Details of Desperados III when two teams arrive.

The first team is Hector and McCoy, traveling on a boat, the other team is Cooper and Isabelle, who are at the top of Red Lantern.

You’ve got three different targets scattered around the map in three different locations: At the pier on a boat, Western side of the map, and the last one is outside Pier 9.

Hector and McCoy

Heading west, you’ll come across a letter, read it and move right of the boat behind the wagons. In this area you must whistle to lure the enemy towards you to kill him.

Once done, move south and hide behind the horses. Make sure to stay in such a position where you can clearly have a view of the Poncho on top of the wagons. Use the same strategy here, lay your trap, whistle to kill the enemy.

Exit the boat at this point and go southeast to reach the first target. However, making your way to the target isn’t easy since the area is surrounded by enemies. Again, use the same strategy, whistle to lure the enemy and kill.

Clear the left side then head northeast to kill another enemy near the Poncho.

Take the Poncho out as well but for that you need a good plan. The plan is to wait till the Long Coat starts a conversation with the southern Poncho, this is your moment, kill the Poncho and kill the Long coat when he’s going West towards another Poncho.

Take cover as Hector, behind the planks (where you killed Long Coat) and whistle to the enemy, take the Poncho out while in the process and move Hector to the spot where you encountered the previous enemy.

Once at the spot, change characters and control McCoy. Kill the Poncho on the left and control Hector again as he takes out the Poncho on the right. Make sure you hide the bodies after each kill so the remaining enemies don’t get alarmed about the kill.

Whistle again, this time luring the enemies near the Guardhouse to kill them.

The rest of the enemies are an easy kill, simply kill one enemy and a Poncho and move south where you’ll find few more enemies.

Control McCoy to throw his vial and tie the civilian while controlling Hector, kill the enemies. Once killed, search the target’s body to find a tiny medal.

Lastly, head over to a new objective at Florence Smolker’s Oriental Spices making sure to control McCoy to grab the lock and head outside.

Cooper and Isabelle

Starting from the balcony left to the building, head down towards the bushes. Fight your way through few enemies and towards the Poncho and a Long Coat to the west.

Let Cooper kill the Long Coat while Isabelle kills the Poncho. Also, keep an eye on the Long Coat guarding the southeast area.

Now, this is where you bring Hector and McCoy. Bring them to the same place where Cooper and Isabelle were but this time before dropping to the bushes, first kill the enemies up the ladder.

Once done, head over to meet Cooper and Isabelle. It’s time for the second target. Head southeast of the area, making your way through few enemies, either on balconies or on the street.

Switch to Isabelle and hide behind the wagon near the target. Mind control the butcher to examine the body.

Don’t forget to bring Cooper as he’s going to distract the enemies by tossing a coin and with the help of the controlled enemy, examine the body.

The enemy then goes away for patrolling, which gives you the time to place Hector at the entrance to kill the Poncho.

Place Cooper and Hector behind the boxes, make the Butcher scream at the west and kill the enemies with vector while Cooper takes care of the Long Coat.

Your objective remaining is to kill the chicken, which you can, simply by using Cooper to snipe it. There’s another way, but it requires you to mind control the chicken, but the easy way is to snipe it.

Return to the place you jumped from the balcony and take cover behind the wagon, where Hector kills the enemies at the back while Isabelle kills the enemies at the bottom.

Head Northeast to come across several enemies past the fence where you kill a sleeping enemy.

Hector goes towards the ladder to kill the enemy guard while Cooper goes after the target north to the boat. Isabelle connects the Poncho both from the right side and the north.

This part is somewhat tricky. Mind control the enemy at the wheel, control him towards the ladder, move Hector and Cooper to the Wheel, shoot the Poncho, release the wheel to kill the remaining enemies.

Long Coat now comes to examine the crime scene, but before he arrives, set everyone behind something to take cover while Cooper examines the body on the boat.

Kill the Long Coat (murderer) with 6 dogs south of the town.

Inside of the building on south, towards the murderer. Kill a bunch of enemies and find the Murderer near the patio where you’ll find two more enemies.

Once the Murderer goes far enough, kill the enemies and place Hector outside to kill the Long Coat with a shotgun around the ally to end the Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: The Devil is in the Details.

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