Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Rescue Aid Society Guide

In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Rescue Aid Society guide, we’ll be showing you how you can easily rescue McCoy in the Baron Challenge named ‘Rescue Aid Society’ in Desperados III.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Rescue Aid Society

The Rescue Aid Society Baron Challenge in Desperados III is a special one as rather than playing from the perspectives of your usual characters, you’ll be playing as Isabelle’s cat (Stella), a chicken and a dog.

It may seem like this mission is going to be a very strange one, but it’s practically going to be just like the other missions; but from the perspective of some fluffy little guys.

The Rescue Aid Society Baron Challenge places you in the far-northern area of the Desperados 3 world where your objective is to steal a key which you need to save an old man named McCoy.

Party Abilities

Just because you’re playing as animals doesn’t mean that you’ll have any special canine abilities; they’ll have the same old abilities that you’re used to.

  • Dog: The dog can distract enemies by barking within a certain radius and he can also kill enemies. He’s the only party member that can kill targets.
  • Cat: The cat, Stella, can distract enemies just like Isabelle could.
  • Chicken: The chicken can also distract enemies within a certain radius by clucking.

Do note that the animals won’t be able to move the dead body if you kill an enemy, so be a little precautious when killing them.

However, the dog can kill enemies incredibly quickly, so you might be able to kill the witnesses before they can report the killings. You can also move around wherever you want so it’ll be very easy to get away.

Rescue Aid Walkthrough

When the mission starts, you’ll be able to see where you need to retrieve the key from. You have to get it from a Poncho located at the top of the wrecked ferry in the center of the map.

Move the dog near the ferry and make him sit there. To be able to get up there, you’ll need to open the gate in the south-eastern section of the area.

Head to the stairs near the boat to the south and drop the sign on the two hostiles standing down the stairs.

Once those two hostiles are taken care of, use Stella and the chicken to distract the two hostiles standing by the area where you spawned.

When they’re distracted, use the dog to kill the Poncho and retrieve the key from him. You’ll need to wait till the Poncho is near the eastern edge of the boat to be able to kill him.

Bring the dog back down and get ready to eliminate the hostiles on the left side of the boat.

You’ll also see some hostiles on the northern side of the boat, but you don’t need to kill them; you can just sneak past those ones.

While heading down the stairs, you’ll find a Poncho to the south who’ll be keeping a lookout of the pond. There will also be another hostile pacing back and forth near him.

Wait until this enemy walks behind the shack and then kill him. Then, use Stella to distract the hostile sitting on the pier to the south-east of the Poncho.

After doing so, kill the Poncho and then immediately after kill the hostile on the pier as well.

Make your way to the huts towards the front of the ship and get near the two hostiles on the very backend of the ship, on top of the scaffolding.

Use Stella to distract the hostile on the left, then kill the one on the right while the other one’s distracted. You can then kill the remaining one right after.

You can now move down the stairs. There will be another hostile moving around down there, but he’ll be alone so you can easily take him out.

Follow the wooden planks until you get near the next Poncho. Distract the hostile near the hut before killing this one. Also, be cautious of the patrolling hostiles on the ground.

After killing him, run past the distracted hostile and stalk the enemy that was talking to him while he was distracted. Wait until he is at the all the way back south before killing him.

Now, return to the hostile that you distracted before. He’ll be talking to another person now. Wait for that guy to go back down the stairs and then kill the hostile.

You can now wait for that guy to come back up the stairs to eliminate him as well. Once he’s dealt with, make your way to the cell located above the water, to the left.

There will be two hostiles here. Kill the one on the right first and then the one outside the cell. You can then finally kill the Poncho to the south that you’ve been hiding from all this time.

Now, make your way to the northern section of the map and eliminate the hostile patrolling there. Make some noise using the dog to bait the other hostile towards you and then kill her too.

When the hostile gets close, walk on the puddle to when he gets near you. You have to then kill him immediately before he can set off the alarm.

After you kill this hostile, the one that was guarding the cell will come here.

If she doesn’t, just use your chicken or dog to catch her attention. Wait until she’s outside the Long Coat’s field of view and then kill her.

Move towards the cell and then wait until the Long Coat goes away to have a chat with his Poncho friend. You can use this opportunity to free McCoy.

You have to now escape from here with McCoy. For this, you’ll need to find a horse. There are two horses on the map. One is in the top left corner, while the other is all the way back south.

Since the horse to the south is too far away, head towards the west from the cell. Make sure to have McCoy wait in the water while you clear the path for him to get to the horse.

After you cross the fence, you’ll encounter three hostiles.

Use Stella and the cat to distract the Poncho standing by the entrance and the other hostile adjacent to the ladder.

While they’re distracted, kill the hostile at the bonfire. A Poncho from the north will notice the dead body and start coming towards you. Kill him as soon as he gets near you.

You can then continue heading west. You’ll then see a dog and two hostiles after you go up the slope. Wait until the dog leaves the two Ponchos and use Stella to grab the attention of one of the hostiles.

You can then kill them both quickly. Then, wait for the dog to come back and kill him too.

Look to the scaffolding to the north-west and you’ll see two Ponchos and a Long Coat standing on top of it. Before you do anything with them, you have to bring McCoy closer to you.

Bring him down south towards the area where you left a Poncho alive. Make sure to be crouching the whole time.

Use Stella to distract this Poncho and then have McCoy sneak past him. Then, have him go up the slope to the west and then continue traveling west until you reach the area where you see the hostiles.

Make McCoy wait here while you use the dog to kill both of the hostiles up north.

You have to wait until the Long Coat starts walking towards the right side from the left before you can kill them. When he does, kill the yellow hostile first and then the blue one.

Once you’ve dealt with those hostiles, you can have McCoy move towards the horse to the north. When he reaches the horse, this mission will be completed.