Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: One Woman Guide

In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: One Woman Army walkthrough, we will tell you how to swiftly complete the One Woman Army Baron Challenge in Desperados 3.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: One Woman

These challenges are shorter than actual missions but their unique objectives make them a lot more fun to complete.

For this challenge, we need to play Mission 2 as Isabelle and kill every single enemy without raising the alarm.

It sounds a bit difficult but we will tell you how to kill all 42 enemies in this mission without raising the alarm.

Starting Out
We start in a little hut which is near the area where we meet McCoy. There are 3 enemies outside.

You can connect the 2 enemies and use Stella to distract the 3rd one. Then jump down and kill all 3 of them.

Now, normally you would head Northwest but since we have to kill all the enemies, we have to head South towards the starting area of the mission and kill the enemies there as well.

Head South, across the fallen tree, and climb up the ladder. Make your way across the train until you see 3 enemies. You can take them out in any way you see fit.

We recommend connecting two enemies and killing them. Then distracting the third towards the right and taking care of him as well.

Now climb the ladder and go right on the train until you reach an area with 5 enemies (1 of them being a long coat).

Go to the end of the train and connect the two enemies there. You cannot kill them just yet because the long coat will notice if you do that.

Go back on the train and head left until you reach a bunch of bushes. Dropdown into the bushes and mind control one of the enemies to make him kill one of those you just connected.

If the long coat sees him killing his friends, he will come over and kill the enemy you were mind-controlling.

All of this commotion will give you a window to slip by and hide behind the boxes where the 5th enemy is.

Now, connect this foe to the long coat and kill him which will knock down the long coat allowing you to kill him easily.

Now head back to the area where we started this challenge and go further North. Just be careful that there is an enemy at the top of this area.

You need to climb the vines and head south to kill this scout.

Hide in the bushes and wait for two enemies to start a conversation then connect & kill them. You should see two more enemies in the vicinity. Connect & kill them as well.

Stick to the mountain and get behind the Poncho to kill him. Now kill the enemy on the south side and dropdown. Here you have to connect the enemies and hide the bodies once you kill them.

Moving On
The next area does not have ample room to move around and you have 4 foes to deal with.

We recommend hiding behind the rock and connecting the enemy dressed in blue with the enemy behind the barrels on the left.

Distract the Poncho with Stella and kill these two enemies. As soon as you do that, connect the 4th guy to the Poncho and kill them as well.

You have to be on your toes though because the Poncho can turn around and see if you are slow.

Go up the train and head northwest. Jump down when you see some bushes and an enemy. Wait for the 2nd guy to come and start talking to him so you can connect & kill both of them.

Now head to the bushes on the North and connect the enemy on the slop with the one running around the left side of the train. Kill them and get ready to deal with the enemies on the right side of the train.

Head to the bushes near the three civilians and use mind control on the lone soldier. Have him climb the ladder and throw the large rock on the enemies below.

Wait for all three of the enemies to gather around and then you should throw the rock.

If someone notices the controlled enemy, they will kill him. Otherwise, just bring him back to your position and kill him. Now you are free to kill both the enemies in front of the cave.

Kill the Poncho standing on the left side and then head North. There is an enemy on top of the ladder.

Use Stella to distract him and then climb up and kill him. Now go around the horse and climb the vines to kill the enemy near the pile of wooden legs.

Connect the enemy leaning on the wagon with the Poncho below. Now, wait for the patrolling enemy to start heading back south so you can kill these two.

Now hide the Poncho’s body and connect the enemy standing idle on the left with the patrolling enemy and kill them when he heads back North.

Now you are in the home stretch. Approach the ledge on the south side and connect the Long Coat with the enemy up then kill the regular enemy.

This will knock down the long coat, giving you ample time to jump down and finish him off. Voila, Mission Accomplished!

That’s all for our Desperados 3 One Woman Army Walkthrough.

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