Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Hazards of the Trade Guide

There are 13 additional challenges in Desperados 3 known as Baron Challenges. In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge guide, we will walk you through the Hazards of the Trade challenge and will try to make things easier for you. Without any further ado, let’s get started.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Hazards of the Trade

Hazards of the Trade is the 4th Baron Challenge, and it is relatively quite a good challenge to complete. The location of this challenge is O’Hara Ranch.

It is unlocked by completing Burn the Queen and this challenge takes place on the same map as The Magnificent Five.

In this challenge, you have to eliminate 4 targets without using any weapons and make these deaths look like accidents. You can kill them by lighting them on fire, dropping a rope on them etc.

Also, except for your targets, you cannot kill or knock out anyone. You will be playing with Kate, Isabelle, and Cooper in this challenge.

The Targets that you have to eliminate in the Hazards of the Trade challenge are:

  • Moe the Pro
  • Boris the Ham
  • Felicity Groans
  • El Pollo Mateo

In order to complete this mission, you must be well aware to distract your enemies and should be able to connect enemies by throwing darts.

Felicity Groans

The challenge starts off with a cut-scene, and after the cut-scene, take Isabelle and go to the grain silo near the ladder by sneaking your way through the shadows and by crouching.

Dart both the Thug and Felicity Groans on your way towards the ladder. Go up the ladder wait until both connected persons are close to each other and the guard on the top of the silo is looking the other way.

Once you are sure of the above, interact with the metal bar and it will drop on the connected persons. Go down the ladder immediately to not raise any alarm.

Boris the Ham and El Pollo Mateo

After coming down the ladder, go to the farm right next to you, with a chicken inside. Dart the chicken and the Boris the Ham, who will be right outside the farm.

Then, bring Cooper and Kate to where Isabelle is without drawing any attention. After that, look for a Gunman near a barrel, right next to a tower.

Sneak around the dark and make your way through towards the Gunman with the barrel. Interact with the barrel and oil will be spilled all around Boris the Ham.

After that, sneak your way back to Isabelle and Kate without raising any suspicions. Bring all of them out, in between the farm with the grain silo and the chicken.

There will be a large bonfire nearby. Place Cooper on one side of the bonfire and Kate on the other side and keep Isabelle ready to light the torch.

You have to throw a coin using Cooper to distract the Gunman on Cooper’s side and throw a perfume vial on the Gunman using Kate on her side.

Then, light up the torch quickly through Isabelle and move Isabelle to the farm with the chicken. You have to perform these steps quickly without wasting any time.

Perfume Vial makes the enemies sneeze and blind within a small radius. It also limits the view of the affected persons to a small area in front of them.

Bring Kate and Cooper to where Isabelle as well. Now, throw the torch towards Boris the Ham as soon as you are sure that no one is looking at you.

You have to make sure that everyone around Boris the Ham should be looking on the other side and not towards you or Boris or otherwise, this kill won’t be considered as an accident.

That leaves us with Moe the Pro only.

Moe the Pro

Moe the Pro will be near the river and behind him will be a farm. Connect him using the dart. On the other side of the farm, there will be a huge rock and there will be thugs near that rock.

Connect one of the thugs with the dart as well. There will be a bush near the rock. Hide inside the bush until you have connected the Thug and Moe the Pro.

Once you have connected them, take Cooper towards the rock and once the thug is inside the range of the rock, interact with the rock and it will fall on top of the thug. It will kill the thug as well as Moe the Pro.

That concludes the Hazards of the Trade challenge.

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