Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Contact Guide

In this Desperados 3 Baron Challenge guide, we have the complete the Contact Baron Challenge walkthrough for you.

Desperados 3 Baron Challenge: Contact

In Desperados 3, Baron Challenges are a set 13 of extra challenges in the game which contain alternate versions of main game levels.

They are different from the main missions and feature different playable characters and objectives changed from the main missions as well.

Making Contact
In this Baron Challenge, you will be playing as Hector Mendoza. This mission takes place in the DeVitt Goldmine area and is an alternate version of ‘A Cart Full of Gunpowder’ main mission.

In this Baron Challenge, your objective will be to get out of the gold mine while killing all the enemies you face in the way.

In this challenge, there will be a total of 130 enemies you will have to kill. You will have a Gatling Gun to help you in this.

The Gatling gun is present on the minecart at the starting location of the mission. Approach the Gatling gun and then start shooting the enemies you see near you.

Most of the enemies you will face during this challenge will die from a single bullet. However, there will be some stronger enemies who may take up to 3 bullets to die.

The enemies will try to take cover behind tents and other obstacles, and you will have to lure them out to kill them.

Keep moving the Gatling gun on the rail track, killing all the enemies you see in the way. Once you have cleared out the starting area, push the gun on the rail track until you reach paths going left and right.

You will have to clear enemies by going to both these paths. Head to any of path and you will see many enemies that need to be killed.

Keep repeating your tactic of luring out enemies from cover and then shoot them to eliminate them.

Once you clear one of the two paths, backtrack all the way back to the starting of the path and then move to the other path and clear it with your Gatling gun.

The left path is a bit dangerous than the right one, as it has some ladders which can allow the enemies to flank you.

In the left area, there is also a tower containing some strong enemies so beware of them as well.

Once you clear every single enemy in the area, the Contact Baron Challenge will end.

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